Battlefield 5, BF1, BF4 Servers Undergoing Issues Since This Weekend

battlefield 5 servers

While Battlefield fans are all eagerly awaiting news on this year’s Battlefield game, it looks like those who want to play the current games in the frachise are having issues too. Over the weekend and spilling over to today, reports of Battlefield 5 server issues (alongside Battlefield 1 and even Battlefield 4) have surfaced, stating disconnects, not being able to enter matches and more.

Here are some of the threads popping up in each game’s subreddit:

No servers? from BattlefieldV

Server Disconnected Recurring Issue from battlefield_one

EA’s official EA Help Twitter account has acknowledged the server issues with Battlefield V just now, too (thankfully!).

Hopefully, this gets sorted out ASAP. We’ll update the post once more new arises, or if the servers are fixed. You can check more detailed issues on the Battlefield 5 or Battlefield 1 subreddits.

As for the upcoming Battlefield game for 2021, it’s rumored reveal is set for May. EA has also sent out a survey asking Battlefield fans about some of the stuff in it, too.

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