Battlefield 2021 Survey Questions Being Sent Out by EA; Asks About F2P Mode, Clan System & More

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While EA still hasn’t revealed the official title of Battlefield 2021, or gave any concrete details other than it’ll be revealed sometime in spring, it looks like the publisher is seeking player feedback, as a Battlefield 2021 survey has been sent out to some Battlefield fans. The survey has been confirmed legit by multiple members of the Battlefield community, and it asks questions such as whether players would be interested in a free-to-play (F2P) mode, a clan system and more.

Check out the questions below, though it seems there are more questions in this Battlefield 2021 survey than what’s shown below.

[unitegallery bf6survey]

Bear in mind, these questions are in no way a guarantee that we’ll see a F2P mode come into the game (though that’s been rumored before), or that it will be implemented. Think of this as EA collecting data, and it’s to the company on how they’ll implement it into this year’s Battlefield game.

If you got a Battlefield survey like this one or just got a tip, you can send them over to We’ll credit you for the find (or be anonymous about it if that’s the tipster’s wish).

You should also check out the videos embedded below discussing the tips to gleam more info about ’em:

Thanks, Lossy!

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6 thoughts on “Battlefield 2021 Survey Questions Being Sent Out by EA; Asks About F2P Mode, Clan System & More

  1. Bullsh@@t I played and owned almost every BF game from 1942-BF1 and I haven’t gotten a survey but I guess that I’d you didn’t buy BF5 the. You arent a true BF fan according to EA and Dice but they can F off if they F up BF6 like they did with BF5

    1. I got some a few years ago, and DICE shared some over on Reddit too. I really hope they won’t muck up BF6. I mean, no way they’d bring back Attrition, MMG meta, etc., back after all the negative reaction towards ’em.

      1. Sorry about the late reply but I did get one I look after I saw this article but I agree with you on the attrition it has to go or make it it’s own game mode and they should also guns that fire at higher RPM so that we cant see the bullets being fired unless it’s a tracer round

  2. I hate when companies do this and it’s happening more often. Does nobody want to make firm decisions in 2021 anymore? Does no one at DICE have a clear vision of what they want their game to be?

    1. I doubt this is more than anything for market studies and for long-term decisions. DICE will release the game later this year, which means they are deep in its development. Maybe this is for DLC? Upcoming events? Which content drop or update to prioritize? Loads of stuff in-between, but I doubt DICE can just change course for BF 2021’s development ASAP.

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