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Battlefield 6 Cryptic “Teaser” “Was a False Alarm Started by a Fan News 1

News 1 Remember that Battlefield 6 (or Battlefield 3 Remaster) “teaser” bit we got last week? Well, I’m here to be the bearer of bad news. It seems that was something a fan cooked up and nothing more. Over on Twitter, the “TEET” account tweeted a message today admitting that the account and the tweet are fan-made […]

Something Battlefield 6 (or Battlefield 3 Remaster) Related Is Happening With Cryptic Teases News 5

News 5 With yesterday’s odd sudden deletion (and then reappearance) of the official Battlefield Twitter account, it seems something Battlefield 6 related is happening right now, and it all started with a cryptic tease. Battlefield YouTuber JackFrags has posted a video about Battlefield 5 on September 7, and at the end, there’s a weird bit at the […]

Report: Battlefield 6 Details Coming in Next Month’s Issue (#177) of OPM News 3

News 3 With DICE announcing that Battlefield 5 is getting its last content drop this summer, a lot of Battlefield fans might be wondering what’s next for the franchise given EA has publicly announced that there’s no new Battlefield game coming this year. Well, as it turns out, we don’t need to wait long for Battlefield 6 […]