Battlefield 4 – Battlelog May 20 Update [And May 21 Mobile Update] Details

Developers of Battlefield 4‘s social stat-tracking service have pushed out new update for the browser-based Battlelog that adds a few small but welcomed improvements and bug fixes.

More details have been added to the Details page, as well as improvements to Battlelog’s chat function and forums. You can check out the full update list below:

UPDATE: We’ve included notes for the recently released mobile update as well.

Battlelog May 20 Update


  • Since only Rented Server owners can edit the server’s banner, server admins will no longer be able to see servers in the Rented Servers list on Battlelog


  • Added SPM and KPM to the Stats -> Details page
  • The “Away” status is now displayed in the Chat windows
  • Added a few more BB Code buttons to Forums: Headline, Quote and Center


  • Fix for the Premium icon not showing properly on the Soldier and Profile pages for Premium players
  • Fixed an issue with inviting friends to a game, which resulted in only the first invitee to receive invitations
  • Fixed an issue where the text for stats in Unlocks -> Kits wasn’t shown
  • Fixed an issue with few weapons in Unlocks -> Weapons to show an infinite loading icon in the Accessories area
  • Turning off invisible mode will now properly show your presence afterwards, without having to re-login
  • Fixed an issue in Battle Reports, where the pie chart for players in the scoreboard wasn’t shown
  • Fixed an issue with server images not being shown for rented Xbox 360 servers
  • Fixed an issue with K/D ratio not being correctly displayed in the Share Battle Report view or in the feed
  • Added missing texts for some emblem shapes
  • Various minor fixes

Battlelog May 21 Mobile Update


  • Added SPM and KPM to the Stats -> Details page
  • The “Added Favorite Server” and “Shared Forum Post” feed events are now supported in the mobile Battle Feed
  • Going “Home” in the Menu will now always reset the view to the Home section
  • Various minor improvements


  • Fixed a sorting issue on Stats -> Vehicles, so vehicles with kills in the thousands are sorted properly
  • Fixed an issue where writing a forum post or creating a forum thread in the mobile app would always auto-share it to the Battle Feed
  • Fixed an issue where game and expansion pack images not being shown in the Battle Feed
  • Fixed an edge-case issue causing the “View more” button to sometimes not show for the Battle Feed
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on the Top Weapon or Top Vehicle for another user would show your own stats for that weapon and vehicle
  • Fixed an issue causing the “Forgot Password” on the login screen to not always work
  • Fixed issues with some texts not being properly localized
  • Various minor fixed
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