Hefty New Battlefield 4 Battlelog Mobile App Update Deploys Today

Battlelog users on mobile devices will notice a few new improvements to the app upon their next visit.

Battlefield 4 developer DICE has launched a hefty new update that includes a number of new features, improvements, and fixes, some of which have to do with yesterday’s Battlelog update that introduced the new Loadout Presets feature.

You can catch the full update notes below:

Features & Improvements

  • View and apply your Loadout Presets instantly from the Battlelog mobile app (Presets can only be created via Battlelog.com)
  • You can now set which Kit should be active in Loadout
  • You can now search for and find users directly from the Com Center (friends list)
  • Various tweaks and improvements to the Premium section, so it looks and works better
  • Dog Tag categories have been updated to be consistent with Battlelog.com
  • More images now have retina support, incl. weapons, vehicles, accessories, awards and assignments
  • Selecting a vehicle category in Stats -> Vehicles will now show all vehicles on the details page instead of just one
  • Shared forum posts and shared Battlepacks are now shown in the Battle Feed on mobile
  • You can now remove your Geo Leaderboard location from the mobile app
  • Privacy settings are now available in the mobile app


  • Fixed an issue in Unlocks -> Vehicles, where items unlocked with Kit Shortcuts didn’t show as unlocked
  • Fixed an issue where Assignment images didn’t show up in the Battle Feed
  • Battle Pickups were incorrectly shown in Unlocks -> Weapons; they now only show in Stats -> Weapons
  • The Battle Feed now shows the “view more” button correctly if there are more feed events to load
  • Fixed an issue on iOS, where edge sliding on the left side didn’t show the menu
  • Fixed an issue, where the Friends Leaderboard in Campaign didn’t always load
  • The Soldier Portraits page now correctly shows which portraits are locked and unlocked (also shows the unlock criteria now)
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the server name in the Unified Game Manager didn’t load the server info page
  • The Forums now loads in the correct forums based on your language
  • Censored forum posts now show as censored in the mobile app as well
  • Fixed an issue where viewing another soldier’s Loadout would show your own Loadout
  • Various minor tweaks and fixes
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