Battlefield Battlelog Twitter Comes to Life After More Than Half a Decade of Inactivity


If you’re a Battlefield franchise veteran, chances are, you’ve used or at least know Battlefield’s Battlelog app/website. Battlelog was rolled out on 2011 with the launch of the Battlefield 3 beta, and aside from showing players their kill/death (K/D) ratio, win-loss (W/L), score-per-minute (SPM), and other data, it also allowed gamers to tweak their loadouts outside of the game.

Unfortunately, while the app itself has been useful for Battlefield gamers, it doesn’t seem to be valuable enough for DICE or EA, as Battlelog has silently been left off the table for future Battlefield titles. Now, with EA confirming that a new Battlefield game is set to launch later this year, could the Battlelog be integrated into it somehow? While we can’t answer that one with any amount of certainty, the official Battlelog Twitter account has seemingly come ot life out of nowhere today — and this is with the account being inactive since 2014!

Firsr off, whomever’s handling the Battlelog account reacted to a tweet from EA Lead Community Manager PartWelsh’s regarding Apex Legends’ Season 8 gameplay trailer:

In addition to that, the account has replied to people tagging it and wondering what the heck is happening as well. YouTuber DANNYonPC also noticed that the profile has changed its banner photo to Battlefield 5!

What on earth does this all mean? Is Battlelog being used by this year’s Battlefield game? Is someone at DICE/EA just bored and wants to generate buzz by activating a years-old Twitter account? Your guess is as good as mine, but color us intrigued!

In other Battlefield news, we posted a feature wherein we talked and questioned whether Levolution should return in this year’s Battlefield game.

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