Battlefield 4 – Incoming Battlelog Improvements With The Launch of Naval Strike

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The Battlelog, Battlefield 4‘s social, stat-tracking browser and mobile service, is getting a shiny new update March 25, bringing improvements to portraits, emblems, and other mobile app upgrades.

You’ll also notice a brand new Battlelog background video image that ties in with the launch of Battlefield 4 Naval Strike for Premium members on the same day.

For now, here are some of the incoming updates, as detailed by “TheBikingViking” on the Battlelog forums.

Naval Strike Background


Privacy Settings in the mobile app


“We’re also introducing a lot of new features for the mobile app. First, we are now introducing Privacy settings in the mobile app, so you can see and edit your settings, such as invisible mode/presence, whether you have friend requests turned on or off, and different sharing levels for e.g. your stats.”

Soldier Portraits in the mobile app


“It will now also be possible to look at all your unlocked and locked soldier portraits in the app, and select a new soldier portrait to be displayed.”

Emblem gallery in the mobile app


“We are also working a lot on adding emblems to the mobile Battlelog experience. While it won’t be in the next release, expect to see the emblem editor on mobile sometime in the future, but in the next release, we will add the possibility to look at your emblem gallery and easily set a new active emblem.”

Battlepacks in the mobile app

“And last, but certainly not least: we are adding Battlepacks to mobile! In this first version, you will be able to see all the previously opened Battlepacks, view those you have yet to open, and of course be able to open them. We feel this is a great addition, so you can check out new Battlepacks on the run and open them wherever you are.”

A few neat things to look forward to for any avid Battlelog user.

Itching for some Naval Strike gameplay footage? We’ve got you covered.


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