Battlefield 3 – Small Update Makes Improvements to Battlelog

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Yesterday, a few of you may have noticed a bit of an outage in Battlefield 3‘s Battlelog service.

According to DICE, the studio was busy working away at a few Battlelog improvements, which you may notice when booting up the game today.

It’s a relatively small update, but here are the notes regardless.

Battlelog Update – September 4th

This update mainly contained backend and infrastructure changes in preparation for Battlefield 4, and therefore not a lot of visible changes for users.

Improvements & Changes:

  • New header/menu design and layout
  • You can now choose to have your feed, game activity and personal info only shown to friends
  • Completely new UI for the Game Manager (only available for select few people)
  • Now only friends can see what server you are playing on in your profile


  • Issue where your presence would not change when you stop playing Co-op
  • Issue where the site didn’t scale correct in 1280×720 resolutions
  • Various compatibility issues with the Opera browser
  • Various issues with Battlefield 3 multiplayer Quickmatch
  • Issue where you couldn’t publish your emblem to the feed