Modern Warfare 3 Overwatch Releases on March 29 for PS3

Beachhead studios announced today that the third Elite drop, Overwatch, will release on March 29th for PS3 premium members.

Earlier today, PS3 owners received the first two Elite drops, Piazza and Liberation, but the release date for the third Elite drop, Overwatch, was unknown, except for being confirmed to release in March. However, Beachhead Studios, via Call of Duty Elite Twitter account, revealed that Overwatch will release on Thursday, March 29th. Beachhead stated, “watch out for Overwatch, hitting PS3 ELITE Premium members March 29.”

Also in March, Xbox 360 premium Elite players will receive the next three drops, and non-Elite 360 users will be able to purchase the first content pack in the same month.

  • Cyborg6971

    What a joke.

    • callum

      cant wait for overwhatch

  • wow just i…wow i can,t even…..WOW

  • Gannonbecker

    Yeahhh this is gettin a little out of hand..

    • Anonymous

      You guys didn’t see this coming?  It’s going to be like this until we’re all saved by Treyarch and/or the end of the Mayan calendar.

  • outlawz


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  • fuck elitle. i wont pay a dime. i guess i got to wait to april?

  • Fuckyea xbox <3 xd

  • Joe

    I hate it to but if you look on the side with elite if you get it you will be saving to about 100 dollars so you best bet is to fork over the money to get eliet cmon its only 50 bucks

    • Joe

      and just to state I have a PS3 and i hate having to wait a month after xbox gets them

      • TURK!

        But still you can better buy elite cuz its FREE!

  • Giles_ochapowace

    Actually it’s March 27th. Every Tuesday is when the PlayStation Store updates their games. And PS3 will be after the X-Box Non Elite Users (which sucks) 

  • Killmaster96

    what is the exact time that we can download the DLC?

  • Heywood Jablome

    Having to wait is Microsofts way of saying “We want you to buy Microsoft products and if you dont we will punish you.”

  • MadPenguin713

    This is bullshit…I cant wait for next year when PS3 get map packs exactly when X-Box gets their

    • Callumboulton


  • Nmejia666

    this is fucking bullshit. hurry the fuck up. why is i that we cant get the maps quick enough

    • Callumboulton

      now aaaaaa

  • Striker221

    These maps are awesome. Keep making more maps please.

    P.S Xbox Rocks!!!!!

    • Callumboulton

      piazza is alsome man

  • Dakbaseball44

    XBOX IS GAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY i dont care if i have to wait longer for the map packs i will never use a xbox ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!