New Battlefield 3 Patch Details – Changes to Aiming, PP-2000, and Much More

More details on the new patch for Battlefield 3 have surfaced including balancing, aiming mechanics, and other fixes.


By far the easiest way to take down helis at moment is to use the Stinger against them; however, this will not be as easy in the near future. Alan Kertz, Battlefield 3’s Gameplay Designer, has pointed out that the Stingers’ nerf “is in discussion at the office now.” Fredrik Thylander, Senior Designer, reassured that the nerf is indeed “incoming”. To follow up on yesterday’s post, Kertz explained that Jets will not get disabled by 1 shot as it is the case at the moment; however, no further explanation was provided.

With the UMP will soon be doing more damage, another PDW, PP-2000, is going to be buffed as well. When a fan asked Kertz to alter the PP-2000 to be in “a middle ground between the beta and final release”, Kertz simply responded “that’s the plan”. On the snipers’ front, a fan pointed out to Daniel Matros the discrepancy in the magazine size of the M39 EMR between the battlelog and the actual game; the battlelog shows a 20+1 magazine size as opposed to the current 10+1 in game. Daniel assured that this will be fixed.

Yesterday, in terms of balancing, we reported on Jets, UMP, and Sidearms being patched to become more effective.


Some players have been vocal in their displeasure with the final release aiming mechanics, they felt that it was spot on in the beta and the issue can be easily sorted by setting the aiming back to as it was in the beta. Kertz shed some light on the issue by stating “if it was that simple, it wouldn’t be a problem. It’s not the controls, something else is going on. [DICE’s] engineers are looking into it.” Just a side note, Kertz was referring to real life engineers, not in game!


DICE is also working on the following:

  • Game activation problems.
  • Addressing lag on the 360 as well, which has been hampering our MP1st squad. If you’re looking for your fellow MP heads on BF3, the easiest way is to become a fan MP1st’s platoon.
  • Following up on one of our earlier reports, Tomas Danko explains “negative mouse acceleration fix should be included [in the patch]”
  • Australian servers, or the lack of thereof.
  • Spawning without having a gun in hand.
  • Please read yesterday’s post for the rest.

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What else do think needs fixing? Personally, I’m still experiencing  reload animation problems from time to time, less frequent than the beta though.

  • Sweet. always love to hear a Developer take action and fix stuff! <3 DICE

    • Anonymous

      I have nothing on DICE (may be a bit for that forgettable MP in Medal of Honor), but EA did really mess up with the servers.

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  • and i nthe end the game is not what you played when you first bought it.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly that’s my I wrote this editorial on day 1 reviews:

      • commented, go  check, but seriously when i first played bc2, it was nothing like the way it is now, seriously NOTHING like it. Hell i think it even took more bullets to kill someone with all weapons.

  • Anonymous

    I wish they would bring back the bad company 2 controls that were in the beta….

  • Nate

    Is the lag on 360 for jets and helis? My connection is fine until Ive been in a heli for a while. It starts jerking and all of a sudden im creening into the ground

    • The lag effects everything. A lot of the time I can barely sprint as Im pulled back 2 feet every 5 seconds. 

      Im in the UK and Ive noticed a lot of Europeans, mainly French & Italian at the moment, take a hell of a lot more damage before they die.  eg. 4 shotgun rounds to the face, from 4 feet away, with hit markers each for each shot.  One guy was 12-0 on SDM within about 2 minutes of game start because he took 3 times the usual amount of damage to kill.  My whole squad were raging about it lol. So there’s definitely some lag issues.

      • That my friend is hit delay and the reason i didnt buy this game.

  • Axel

    I hope they will add more death animations, having is left hand lifting up in the air every time is just ridiculous. Also when is this patch coming?

  • Gunny017

    Thanks MP 1st for your consistent reporting and all your updates really appreciate it! 

    I’m loving BF3 so far and looking forward to the patch that will only increase the gaming experience.

    Keep up the good work everyone!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, you guys are doing a wonderful job!
      Although I check the devs’ Twitter accounts myself regularly, it’s still a lot more comfortable to read the things in a text form 🙂

  • mrguestman

    jets need to start with flares and/or heat seekers. that’s what I would change. it’s impossible to level up when everyone else on the battlefield has stingers and fully unlocked jets. be advised, over. 

  • Consistent lag on Tehran Highway. Every map I play on works quite well with little lag most of the time but Tehran Highway lags like a mother. Also, I’d like to see the flag icon size reduced when in the capture radius of a base on conquest. Also, I think the 1911 could use a buff. It takes like 4 rounds at point blank range to down someone, and can take an entire magazine at longer ranges.

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  • Ty

    game is garbage

  • Proxors

    M39 EMR does not use a clip, get your facts straight. lol

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for pointing that out. It’s now fixed.

  • Yup

    I like how the media gets their info from tweets. The same place gamers do, making them a day late. The media sites become more irrelevant every day. This is good! Copy&Pasting twitter conversations and calling it “news”. Hilarious!

  • My friends and I are constantly being one hit killed by the SCAR.  Ill be walking around and suddenly my health goes from 100 to 0 in half a second.. from quite a large distances too.

  • Genaside II

    someone needs to fix the origin is not installed bug its really (putting it politely) really annoying

  • [email protected]

    I love how people feel it’s necessary to say how much they hate a game, yet they’re giving it much more popularity.

    I understand though. This game is for adults and hardcore gamers. Little CoD boys can’t handle it

    • theone

       little cod boys? obviously spoken from a BF fan boy, its funny how people try to compare the two, play what ever one you like a quit the 12yr old mines better attitude.

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  • Dashedchris

    i think it would help if we had some spawn protection time as i am constantly getting killed as soon as i spawn into a game or re spawn after dying it is very annoying !!!! other games have it why does battlefield 3 not have it please look into this thanks..

  • Ghitza

    we should be able to remove spotting from key Q.. and use it in other ways.

  • Nick Calandra – Velocity Gamer

    They need to fix the snipers as well. I shouldn’t take 3 shots to take down 1 guy. It’s hard enough to hit someone as it is because of how “realistic” sniping is in the game.

    • Gameguy301

      i understand that the mk11/svd were a little too good in the beta, but they whent overboard in nerfing them for release, they do less damage, have less accuracy, have MUCH higher recoil, and they even shoot slower. the recoil on these things are so high i cant even see what im shooting at when i try to fire some shots with a scope on.

      they either need to increase the rate of fire and greatly reduce the recoil, and give us 5 more shots in a clip.
      or bring the damage back up to 2 hits and just leave it as the inaccurate nightmare it is now, to inforce a fire rate that is slower, than it is now with the time it takes to line up your next shot.

      until then im playing engineer i nicknamd my scar H the “mk 12 mod 69” and my rocket launcher the “bullet dropper”

      i find it hilarious that sniper rifles have by far the most bullet drop and the lowest bullet velocity in relation with other weapons when in reality its the exact opposite.

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  • Bob

    the biggest problem with the game,is trying to join a game with your friends,and they get split up and put on the wrong team…

    • Slickkk

      You would not be thinking that the biggest problem is joining a game with your friends when you have a major issue with input lag on PS3, trust me, this is the game breaker and this is the biggest problem.

  • dbag x speed

    you know im not one for complaining about every aspect and wanting patches to fix things that will be game breaking like i see mostly on forums….BUT……i did notice how annoying a guy with mortars was on one rush map i played.  He sat up in attacking spawn and was launching (what looked to be) every 2 seconds……our defensive area was just constant annoying explosions over and over and over.  I think the rate of fire should be lower on the mortars.  I never died by it i dont think but……OMG annoying.

    AND this site is amazing….thats all that needs said…..

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  • Fran

    FIX BLACK SCREEN BETWEEN GAMES. FUCK PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Munchies

    How about fixing the goddamn sun flare and ridiculous lighting in this game

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  • They need to fix that server filter setting for people in game. 5+ 10+ 15+ 20+….is the dumbest idea ever. Every other game with this filter does it 5- 10- etc….considering how hard it is to get in a game with your squad already why on earth would I want to search full servers first. On that note they should even go as far as to list almost empty servers BEFORE full servers.

  • It’s nice to see a game developer not forgetting about us here in Australia, but on the other hand, the fact that we’re paying 20 bucks more for a digital download, at a point where our dollar is stronger than the US dollar, that’s some bullshit right there.

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  • ChainSOV

    The option for original language voiceovers needs to be patched in, it was in every other BF game before

  • I personally think, some of the air crafts should not have infinite amount of flares. Playing engineer, I’ve wasted all my stinger missiles trying to take out a helicopter because the pilot keeps deploying flares. Why do they have so many?

    Also, I don’t understand, when playing engineer, I can’t play the EOD bot in some areas. The ground seems find, why can’t I place it?

    Not any serious complaints though, I friggin love this game. I look forward to everything DICE has coming.

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  • Nx1_n2o

    has anyone had the issue where you’ll die go to respawn and you will be without any guns but you can still run around and get shot lol! also i noticed that when this does happen and a quit a match the game will not go back to the title screen just says loading and never goes back. go to turn off my playstation with the controller and my ps3 freezes.

  • Nx1_n2o


    Where is the destruction from FrostBite 2?

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  • They need to fix the KH-2002 and make it actually have the full auto functionality that the game already says it has. False advertising.. I can sue  right? XD

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  • Mute Soldier

    PS3 Mic issues! #1 problem. Teamplay is nearly dead without communication. HELP

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  • Lee

    One more thing, Why is the PKP Pecheneg iron sight in Coop and Multiplayer is different ? 

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  • Joshuatroy1

    When is this patch gonna launch?

  • BF long time fan

    I get a lot of sound bugs like the sound of the heli cutting out and no warning sound to let me know im about to blow up lol Also been hearing the sound of rpg“s repeating over and over , missing reload animations on some guns cant remember off my head what ones , somtimes my dogtags dont load or any unlocks unless game gets a restart and you know what i could care less i love this game as for guns getting nerfed im not bothered as i only play hardcore anyway   USAS-12 / FRAG ROUNDS FTW !! Please make snipers 1 shot if over 150m to 200m

  • BF long tme fan

    Sorry this is on xbox

  • Demonic Hammy

    most of their patches i didnt care for. didnt help but didnt ruin the game. but these “new” servers they they did really ruined the game for me. if thats not fixed ill just sell the game. those servers ruined the game. need to put the servers back to how they were because the servers they have now are crap


    I had a few month break , aiming has changed dramaticly to SHIT , not saying that my aim would have not gone worse by the break but the whole movin the crosshair feels so FUCKING STIFF RIGHT NOW , no matter what u do to sensitivity. piece of shit, lets continue the break…