New Battlefield 3 Patch Details – Changes to Aiming, PP-2000, and Much More

More details on the new patch for Battlefield 3 have surfaced including balancing, aiming mechanics, and other fixes.


By far the easiest way to take down helis at moment is to use the Stinger against them; however, this will not be as easy in the near future. Alan Kertz, Battlefield 3’s Gameplay Designer, has pointed out that the Stingers’ nerf “is in discussion at the office now.” Fredrik Thylander, Senior Designer, reassured that the nerf is indeed “incoming”. To follow up on yesterday’s post, Kertz explained that Jets will not get disabled by 1 shot as it is the case at the moment; however, no further explanation was provided.

With the UMP will soon be doing more damage, another PDW, PP-2000, is going to be buffed as well. When a fan asked Kertz to alter the PP-2000 to be in “a middle ground between the beta and final release”, Kertz simply responded “that’s the plan”. On the snipers’ front, a fan pointed out to Daniel Matros the discrepancy in the magazine size of the M39 EMR between the battlelog and the actual game; the battlelog shows a 20+1 magazine size as opposed to the current 10+1 in game. Daniel assured that this will be fixed.

Yesterday, in terms of balancing, we reported on Jets, UMP, and Sidearms being patched to become more effective.


Some players have been vocal in their displeasure with the final release aiming mechanics, they felt that it was spot on in the beta and the issue can be easily sorted by setting the aiming back to as it was in the beta. Kertz shed some light on the issue by stating “if it was that simple, it wouldn’t be a problem. It’s not the controls, something else is going on. [DICE’s] engineers are looking into it.” Just a side note, Kertz was referring to real life engineers, not in game!


DICE is also working on the following:

  • Game activation problems.
  • Addressing lag on the 360 as well, which has been hampering our MP1st squad. If you’re looking for your fellow MP heads on BF3, the easiest way is to become a fan MP1st’s platoon.
  • Following up on one of our earlier reports, Tomas Danko explains “negative mouse acceleration fix should be included [in the patch]”
  • Australian servers, or the lack of thereof.
  • Spawning without having a gun in hand.
  • Please read yesterday’s post for the rest.

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What else do think needs fixing? Personally, I’m still experiencing  reload animation problems from time to time, less frequent than the beta though.

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