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Battelfield 3 Dev Answers Your Questions: How To Earn the M1911 S-TAC, DICE’s Patching Process and Much More News 38

News 38 DICE Senior Gameplay Designer answers your burning Battlefield 3 questions. In the latest episode of Inside DICE, a developer blog who’s purpose is to give Battlefield 3 fans and inside look at the development of such projects like Battlefield 3 and all its DLC, Kertz looks to Twitter to answer a few of your burning […]

Battlefield 3 Dev Answers Your Questions: Suppressor and Foregrip Combo, Scope Effects, and Much More News 39

News 39 Alan Kertz, Core Gameplay Designer on Battlefield 3, answers some of the more common questions that all BF3 players ought to know. In the latest issue of Inside DICE, he goes into the gritty details as he talks about the suppressor and foregrip attachment combo, the effects that a scope or sight has on a weapon, the […]

Incoming Battlefield 3 Updates – Red Dot/Holo Fix, M320 Tweak, and Javelin Nerf News 58

News 58 Alan Kertz, Senior Gameplay Designer at DICE has recently listed some updates that we can soon expect to see in Battlefield 3. Many recon players are noticing severe inaccuracy when firing immediately after aiming down sight when using a red dot or holographic sight with a sniper rifle. Some might assume that this is a […]

Battlefield 3 Dev Details Buffs to .44 Magnum, Flash Suppressor, and Bipod News 17

News 17 Battlefield 3 Developer, Alan Kertz, talks about buffs and fixes for certain weapons as well as goes into more detail regarding the upcoming weapon attachment rebalance. If you haven’t yet, read up on the upcoming changes to pistols and suppressors. It was recently mentioned that the .44 Magnum could be seeing a buff in the […]

Battlefield 3 Dev Talks Changes to Suppressors, Pistols and More News 14

News 14 Alan Kertz, Core Gameplay Designer at DICE, gives us even more details of the upcoming weapon attachment rebalance. In cased you missed it, he began going into further detail in yesterday’s post which you can check out here. For those wondering, Kertz confirmed that “the changes to suppressor and laser will affect pistols” as well. He […]

Battlefield 3 Dev Further Details Incoming Weapon Attachment Changes News 20

News 20 Alan Kertz, Core Gamepley Designer on Battlefield 3, goes further in depth into weapon attachments and what the functions of different combinations will be once his changes take effect. First, to be clear, Kertz stated that “the accessory balance goal [which you can read all about here] is to give each accessory a playstyle.” As […]

Battlefield 3 Developer Responds to Shotgun Balance Issues News 12

News 12 Alan Kertz of DICE has recently done some follow-up work on weapon and weapon attachment balance issues. For a full explanation, check out ‘Big Changes To Weapon Balance In Store for Battlefield 3‘ and ‘Battlefield 3 Dev Defends Weapon Attachment Re-Balance‘. Kertz recently announced that he “playtested the accessories changes yesterday for several hours.” He concluded […]

Battlefield 3 – Incoming Buffs to Burst Fire Weapons, G3A3, and Bipod News 18

News 18 We’ve recently heard of a number of things that are on the chopping block to be nerfed in Battlefield 3. Let’s take a look at some items that Lead Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz, is thinking of improving in the near future, perhaps in the recently revealed February patch. It looks like Kertz will be spending […]

Battlefield 3 Patch in February, DICE Looking Into Squad Stability and Other Bugs News 95

News 95 We finally have word of another Battlefield 3 patch on the way. While there are no official details available yet, we do have word of DICE looking into a number of bugs and issues. Many fans are reporting troubles playing with friends in Battlefield 3. The most common issue many of you may have already […]

Battlefield 3 Dev Defends Weapon Attachment Re-Balance News 60

News 60 Core Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz, discusses the re-balancing of weapon attachments with Battlefield 3 fans. If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out some big changes to weapon balance that are in store for Battlefield 3. Here, Kertz mentions some drastic changes that may be making it’s way to weapon attachments and accessories in the near […]

Big Changes To Weapon Balance In Store for Battlefield 3 News 86

News 86 Alan Kertz, Senior Gameplay Designer at DICE, has some significant weapon balance changes in mind that might be making its way to Battlefield 3 soon. Much of this was hinted at earlier when Kertz discussed his feelings on the FAMAS assault rifle, which many players may see as over-powered. However, recently on Reddit, Kertz threw around some ideas […]

Battlefield 3 Update: “FAMAS Is Mostly Fine,” DICE To Nerf Forgrip News 24

News 24 Alan Kertz, Core Gameplay Designer at DICE, gives us some updates on what’s happening with the FAMAS assault rifle, recently included in the Back to Karkand expansion pack. You may remember that we recently reported Kertz claiming that the FAMAS definitely needs to see some tweaks in the next Battlefield 3 patch. Generally, it is […]

BF3 Dev Responds to Over-Powered FAMAS, Operation Metro on CQ and More News 75

News 75 Senior Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz shares his thoughts on the FAMAS, Operation Metro on Conquest and discusses Comrose on consoles. Being a few days after the release of Back to Karkand, which included 10 brand new weapons, many fans are beginning to express concern over the FAMAS assault rifle being too over-powered. It seems like Kertz […]

BF3 Devs on Weapon Balance and Attachment Changes – “Less OP Combos and More Interesting Choices” News 20

News 20 Senior Gameplay Designer at DICE considers some significant balance changes to Battlefield 3. Alan Kertz has been good enough to usually let the community know what some of his plans are to tweak or change certain aspects of Battlefield 3 and to acquire feedback before implementing these changes. A few weeks back, he suggested some […]

BF3 Fixes – Random Bullet Spread, Audio Drop-Outs, and Comrose 2.0 in February News 20

News 20 Today, some new details have surfaces as to what the developers behind Battlefield 3 are looking into fixing. Some players have been noticing that there seems to be some sort of random bullet spread on some of the weapons, if not all of them. This was demonstrated rather clearly using a bolt-action rifle in this […]

BF3 Devs Respond to 2143 Rumor, Platoon Changes, and More News 19

News 19 Many of you have already noticed the Battlefield 2143 rumors floating about the internet after screens like seen below have surfaced. Of course, fans looked to Global Community Manager, Daniel Matros, for clarification. However, it looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer for answers as Matros replied, “I will let the rumors linger […]

BF3 – More IRNV Tweaks, Upcoming Fixes for SOFLAM, Ribbons, and Scoring News 45

News 45 Alan Kertz and Fredrik Thylander, Senior Designers at DICE, reveal what changes will soon be making its way to Battlefield 3. Many users have noticed that, currently, the SOFLAM rewards points for laser designation, but not for destroys or kills, which was originally promised before the release of Battlefield 3. Thylander clarified by mentioning “soflam users […]

BF3 – Comrose May Make it to Consoles Yet, G3A3 Fixed, and More on PC VOIP News 12

News 12 Members of DICE speak of the possibility of Comrose making it to consoles, issues with the G3A3, and more on PC VOIP. First, Community Manager, Daniel Matros, clears up some matters regarding in-game VOIP on PC. It’s been mentioned before but he once again reassures us that DICE is taking it into account. To clarify, […]

BF3 – Next Update to “Improve Jet vs Heli vs Ground balance,” DICE Dev Defends Bolt-Action Changes News 23

News 23 Senior Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz, defends his decision to give bolt-action rifles the ability to one-hit-kill in the chest at close range and reveals what balance issues he’s considered. First, Kertz clarified the range at wich this new change will be effective when a fan asked if the upper chest 1-shot kill will be the […]

BF3: Bolt Action Rifles Can 1HK at Close Range – DICE Reveals Future Balance Updates Pt. 2 News 71

News 71 A while back, Senior Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz, revealed a list of future updates that was compiled with community feedback in mind. Recently, a second list has been revealed with a hefty number of balance tweaks that may or may not be making it into future patches. Of course, the biggest change of note is […]

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