Battlefield 3 – Incoming Buffs to Burst Fire Weapons, G3A3, and Bipod

Battlefield 3 Updates in Black

We’ve recently heard of a number of things that are on the chopping block to be nerfed in Battlefield 3. Let’s take a look at some items that Lead Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz, is thinking of improving in the near future, perhaps in the recently revealed February patch.

It looks like Kertz will be spending a little more time on the burst fire mode of some weapons. One fan asked if the “jamming” of burst weapons are going to be patched in the next update. Kertz answered, “I don’t think it’s fixed completely, it should be improved though.” This should mainly apply to the M4A1 carbine and the M16A4 assault rifle which Kertz said “both need a bit of love.” Speaking of love, it looks like the G3A3 may be receiving some as well. “It will get love,” Kertz said to one fan asking if the G3A3 will ever be buffed.

Much of the recent “nerf” talk has mainly been surrounding the forgrip attachment in Battlefield 3. To clear up some confusion, Kertz has stated that “it’s not a global change to the foregrip, I’m simply tweaking them per weapon.” He also added that “it’s just for specific weapons, where the grip entirely removes that weapon’s downside.”

Regarding the bipods, which are also going to be receiving some buffs, Kerts mentioned that a “big part of this accessory thing is to tweak the bipods so they are more usable. I’ve made them faster now, will look into other feedback.” One fan asked if he gave any thought to assigning a key/button to deploy them. Kertz responded “…yes, I’m well aware of the request.”

What do you think needs to be buffed/nerfed, or just completely rebalanced? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to vote for your favorite multiplayer experience of 2011!

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