Former Battlefield 5 Design Director Says It’s Hard to Salvage Game Since It Was “So Divided Internally”

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While DICE might be moving on to this year’s still-untitled Battlefield game, it looks like more details regarding Battlefield 5’s development is surfacing from those who worked on the shooter.

Over on Twitter, former DICE employee and Battlefield 5 Design Director Alan Kertz has posted some interesting stuff about Battlefield 5’s development, and then some. In one of these tweets, Kertz mentions that the game was hard to “salvage” given it was “so divided internally:”

It’s hard to salvage a game which was so divided internally on what it should be, especially coming back from parental leave after being away the entire main production period.

I gave it a direction. Not everyone liked it and not all of the direction was achieved. That’s life.

Also on Twitter, Kertz mentioned that he pushed for the base game to adopt the Firestorm (Battlefield 5’s battle royale mode) armor system, though it never came into fruition.

Given how implementing this would have made the time-to-kill even longer and such, this change not seeing the light of day is a good thing, no?

In related news, another former DICE dev has spoken out about Battlefield 5’s development as well. Check out David Sirland’s comments on fighting the TTK  hard changes, and how things would be different if it was up to him.

Hopefully, this year’s Battlefield game will see a unified DICE studio working on one vision for the shooter franchise.

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