Battlefield V Multiplayer Producer Says Things Would Be “Different” If It Was Up to Him

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Released back in November 2018, Battlefield V has been met with mixed reactions from players even after more than a year of being out. With the latest major change being the time-to-kill (TTK) adjustments made by DICE, some players are understandably unhappy with how it is currently. Well, it seems even some of the people at DICE aren’t exactly agreeing with every decision made with the game.

David Sirland, Battlefield V Multiplayer Producer and DICE employee of 11 years, announced on the Battlefield subreddit that he’s resigning from the company effective March 3, 2020. In the same subreddit, Sirland took the time to answer questions from players regarding Battlefield V and then some.

In answering one of the posters, Sirland commented that if things were completely up to him, “they would surely be different.” You can see him post it with his Reddit username “tiggr” and he even has the official DICE flair to make sure it’s a legit account.

Another poster asked Sirland if once he’s gone, can he share his opinion on how things should have turned out, who made the final call on changes, and so on. Surprisingly, Sirland said that “eventually” he’ll do it.


When asked for his honest and “final” opinion on Battlefield V, Sirland didn’t say exactly what he thought of his current game so far, but did say he will “in due time” which is understandable, since he technically is still a DICE employee.

Finally, when asked to comment about the future of the Battlefield franchise, Sirland mentioned that it would be hard given he’s privvy to the upcoming Battlefield titles the studio is brewing.

While I doubt Sirland can give a tell-all once he’s out of DICE, any honest feedback he has to say about his latest game will surely be food for thought for a lot of people.

Are you surprised at Sirland’s comments and do you think other DICE employees share the same sentiment?

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