Battlefield 3 Dev Answers Your Questions: Suppressor and Foregrip Combo, Scope Effects, and Much More

Alan Kertz, Core Gameplay Designer on Battlefield 3, answers some of the more common questions that all BF3 players ought to know. In the latest issue of Inside DICE, he goes into the gritty details as he talks about the suppressor and foregrip attachment combo, the effects that a scope or sight has on a weapon, the SKS’s bullet drop, and the differences between the P90 and MP7 PDWs. We also get a quick look at his background and early work with DICE.

Leave some of your own questions in the comments below and we’ll make sure to send them DICE’s way to see if they can be answered! For now, enjoy this quick Q&A with BF3 Core Gameplay Designer Alan Kertz as seen on the latest issue of Inside DICE:

1. Where did you start before working for DICE?
(Asked by @minikanelive)
Alan answers: “I was actually quite lucky to enter the industry directly working for DICE on Battlefield 2142. Of course, I didn’t just start cold turkey, I’d previously been a member of the Battlefield 1942 modding community where I developed tools, levels, and mods. Some of my work was featured in mods like Eve of Destruction, Desert Combat, and Point of Existence. Scholastically my background is a Computer Science degree from a university in the US where I grew up. While the CS degree wasn’t a real influence on me getting the job, I do find that understanding the concepts of coding is a definitive edge when working as a game designer.”

2. SKS bullet drop is very pronounced. Bug or intended? It ruins my immersion whenever i see it.
(Asked by @shimme01)
Alan answers: “The SKS has a relatively low velocity round when compared to other DMR and Sniper weapons. Over the same distances the SKS round will drop further and lose more energy since it’s a smaller caliber round. The SKS is range limited, though it makes up for this by being mobile, fast firing, and deadly in mid-range. For longer range engagements I would step up to something like the M39 EMR or the QBU-88 sniper from Back to Karkand.”

3. In comparison to the P90, the MP7 is a bit outclassed. Maybe consider reducing the MP7′s first shot recoil and increasing the P90′s?
(Asked by @kryptikspaniard)
Alan answers: “The MP7 has a lower overall muzzle climb, a faster reload (especially from empty), and a higher rate of fire than the P90. Finally, the MP7 is rather easily obtained via COOP play, while the P90 comes later on at Rank40. Obviously they’re both similar weapons, and I feel the subtle differences between the two weapons makes it an interesting choice for players. Some players clearly prefer the P90, others prefer the MP7.”

4. Do scopes have an effect on vertical recoil? Didn’t know if the weight of the scope factored in? It’s not in the descriptions.
(Asked by @friedpixels)
Alan answers: “Another great question. Scopes only change two variables: how much zoom they provide and how fast the weapon aims down the sights. A high zoom scope, like a 6x rifle scope, will be slow, and a low zoom sight, like a red dot sight, will be fast. There are no additionally effects on the weapons’ handling, no changes to recoil or accuracy.”

5. So a gun that has just a suppressor and a sight has better aimed accuracy than one with a foregrip & suppressor?
(Asked by @KILLAnthonyMan)
Alan answers: “The short answer is Yes. The long answer is Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss. The explanation though, is more interesting. A foregrip carries a small aimed accuracy penalty, if you’re trying to get the best absolute accuracy you can with the weapon, a suppressor will give you better aimed accuracy. However, combining the Suppressor and the Foregrip will give the weapon the same accuracy as if you had no accessories, while also reducing recoil. It’s my recommendation that you only forgo a foregrip (see what I did there?) if you demand the absolute best accuracy you can obtain. Generally, inside 100m a weapon with a foregrip is still plenty accurate to hit consistently on target, and it will be easier to control.”

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