Incoming Battlefield 3 Updates – Red Dot/Holo Fix, M320 Tweak, and Javelin Nerf

Battlefield 3 Updates in Black

Alan Kertz, Senior Gameplay Designer at DICE has recently listed some updates that we can soon expect to see in Battlefield 3.

Many recon players are noticing severe inaccuracy when firing immediately after aiming down sight when using a red dot or holographic sight with a sniper rifle. Some might assume that this is a counter-measure to so called “quick-scoping,” but when asked if this is something that will be “fixed” in the future, Kertz answered, “indeed.”

Adding on to the complaints are the issues players are having with the M320 grenade launcher. Many are hoping for some sort of nerf to be applied to this weapon. Kertz has suggested that perhaps “the refill speed [when replenishing ammo] on them is too fast” and that he “will update.”

When it comes to the Javelin, Kertz did mention that he had some intentions of nerfing the anti-aircraft weapon. When asked for clarification, he stated that he may nerf it “against choppers a bit maybe.”

Kertz also mentioned earlier that the .44 Magnum would be seeing “some love” in the near future. Today, he re-confirmed some more details agreeing with fans that 5 hits to kill at range is a bit much. One fan stated, “I love the .44 Magnum but don’t you think 5 hit kill at range is a little much? It has 6 rounds.” Kertz responded, “we agree, you and I.”

We are hoping to see these updates in the February patch, which we will have notes for as soon as they become available.

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