BF3 Devs on Weapon Balance and Attachment Changes – “Less OP Combos and More Interesting Choices”

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Senior Gameplay Designer at DICE considers some significant balance changes to Battlefield 3.

Alan Kertz has been good enough to usually let the community know what some of his plans are to tweak or change certain aspects of Battlefield 3 and to acquire feedback before implementing these changes. A few weeks back, he suggested some changes to bolt-action rifles which really stirred some emotions from the community. In his latest dialogue with Battlefield fans, he mentioned some changes he had in mind for weapon balance; specifically, attachments. “Working on rebalancing foregrip, heavy barrel, silencer, and flash suppressor. Less OP combos and more interesting choices is the goal.”

Some fans have been asking for a larger difference between the suppressor and the flash suppressor, both which currently seem to act fairly similar, even though they can be two different attachment options on the same weapon. Kertz suggested, “how about [the flash suppressor] hides you on the map, without a damage reduction like supp., but you have less accuracy on full auto?”

It seems like when mentioning these balance changes, Kertz specifically had the forgrip and suppressor in mind, both which help reduce recoil. One fan asked if the combination of a forgrip, a supressor, and a holographic sight on his engineer class weapons, for example, would become better or worse after these changes have taken effect. Kertz answered, “slightly worse.”

These potential changes listed above could greatly effect the gunplay in Battlefield 3. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Are there certain attachment combinations you find over-powered?

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