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Big Changes To Weapon Balance In Store for Battlefield 3 News 86

News 86 Alan Kertz, Senior Gameplay Designer at DICE, has some significant weapon balance changes in mind that might be making its way to Battlefield 3 soon. Much of this was hinted at earlier when Kertz discussed his feelings on the FAMAS assault rifle, which many players may see as over-powered. However, recently on Reddit, Kertz threw around some ideas […]

BF3 Devs on Weapon Balance and Attachment Changes – “Less OP Combos and More Interesting Choices” News 20

News 20 Senior Gameplay Designer at DICE considers some significant balance changes to Battlefield 3. Alan Kertz has been good enough to usually let the community know what some of his plans are to tweak or change certain aspects of Battlefield 3 and to acquire feedback before implementing these changes. A few weeks back, he suggested some […]

Twisted Metal – David Jaffe On MP Balance, Teamwork, and The Juggernaut News 1

News 1 David Jaffe is back again revealing many new details concerning how balance works and how the game is focused on team playing. During a recent PS Nation podcast, David Jaffe has recited that the single-player isn’t something as big as GTA or Batman, but compares it more with Ace Combat in terms of more focus on […]

“The One Balance Change You’d Make in Battlefield 3” Asks DICE Dev News 50

News 50 DICE developers are looking for feedback to help shape the future of Battlefield 3. “If you could make 1 balance change to BF3, and only one, which one would you make?” asked Senior Gameplay Designer at DICE, Alan Kertz. DICE has already put out one patch for the PC with two more on the way; […]

BF3 – Semi-Auto Snipers Tweaked, Base Weapon Damage Unchanged, and Improved Mini-Map News 10

News 10 DICE has revealed some new information regarding sniper rifles and how they will be tweaked, weapon damage, and HD textures! When it comes to balancing, sniper rifles have always been a controversial issue in FPS multiplayer. According to many FPS forums, they’re either under-powered, over-powered, useless at close range, or too effective at “quick-scoping.” Many […]

BF3 Beta Concerns, Post-Launch Support, and Weapon Balance – DICE Talks Fan Feedback News 7

News 7 Recently, we published an article detailing 7 awesome betas you should sign up for. In this article, we mentioned that there are two types of betas; ones that are used mainly as a promotional tool for developers, and ones that are actually used to test the game in it’s current state and purposed to acquire […]