Twisted Metal – David Jaffe On MP Balance, Teamwork, and The Juggernaut

David Jaffe is back again revealing many new details concerning how balance works and how the game is focused on team playing.

During a recent PS Nation podcast, David Jaffe has recited that the single-player isn’t something as big as GTA or Batman, but compares it more with Ace Combat in terms of more focus on the vehicles, yet the single-player still offers a great story experience. Being good at the single-player doesn’t go unrewarded either as there are medals that can be earned and used in the multiplayer to unlock new items. Though balance is the key in the multiplayer, the developers, Eat, Sleep, Play, made sure that no vehicle, weapon, or any other unlock is better then another. Even players with high levels don’t have an unfair advantage over lower leveled players by having unlocks that they don’t have.

David then stressed how the team had been working hard on the levels, weapons, vehicles, specials, modes (not just Death Matches), making sure that teamwork is used throughout the multiplayer.

To give an example of how teamwork is done, one of the vehicle in the game is called “Juggernaut”, which according to Jaffe is a giant Semi truck where you and two other team mates can hop in and start using the turrets. The vehicle can only be used once per game, so deciding when to use it is very important. The Juggernaut can also be combined with the Junkyard Dog which is a Tow Truck carrying a Taxi cab filled with explosives. Optionally, this can be loaded onto the Juggernaut and be deployed at any time in case the Juggernaut is in danger of being destroyed. You are only limited to three Junkyard Dogs, so once again you’ll have to decide as a team when it’s right to use them.

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