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Twisted Metal TV Series in the Works From PlayStation Productions and Deadpool Movie Writers News 0

News 0 One of the original PlayStation’s popular game franchises is getting a live-action series to its name, as Variety has reported that a Twisted Metal TV series is in the works from PlayStation Productions and the writers of the Deadpool movie — which starred Ryan Reynolds as the Merc with the Mouth. According to the report, […]

PlayStation Multiplayer Franchises We Want Revived on PS5 News 4

News 4 Following the PS5’s specs reveal last week, it seems Sony is slowly unraveling the essentials when it comes to the next-gen console. Of course, we know that regardless of how powerful a console is, it’s nothing without the right games. Given we’re a multiplayer-centric publication, we’re here to list down some of the PlayStation multiplayer […]

New Twisted Metal Game Announcement Hinted at by Franchise Creator News 3

News 3 Remember car combat game Twisted Metal? While we haven’t seen a new entry in the franchise since 2012’s Twisted Metal on PS3, it seems the franchise might be gearing up for another game in the series! Over on Twitter, Twisted Metal and God of War creator David Jaffe teased an announcement is coming in just […]

Warhawk, Twisted Metal, PlayStation All-Stars & Sound Shapes Server Shutdown Extended to January 31, 2019 News 0

News 0 Remember when we reported this past September that the servers for PlayStation All-Stars, and a few other PS3 games was shutting down? It seems Sony wants to give players a little bit more time with these online-focused titles, as the Warhawk, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Sound Shapes, and Twisted Metal servers won’t be shutting down […]

New Twisted Metal Patch Finally On Its Way News 14

News 14 Yes, that’s right, the new Twisted Metal patch that we’ve all have been patiently waiting for is finally releasing soon, according to David Jaffe, former co-founder of Eat Sleep Play. Patch News In a recent YouTube comment reply, Jaffe responded to users who were requesting to know when the title is expected to be fixed. […]

Twisted Metal – Axel Coming for Free In Next Patch, Leaderboards, Tweaks, and Other Fixes Coming News 24

News 24 David Jaffe discusses the upcoming Twisted Metal patch, which will contain a few pleasent surprises. Good news for those who have been waiting for Axel to be released for Twisted Metal, David Jaffe has confirmed on Twitter that in the next patch he will become free for everyone. Jaffe stated, Originally Axel was only available to […]

Twisted Metal Update No. 3 Delayed, Nuke Mode XP Changes Are Live News 9

News 9 David Jaffe gives an update on patch number 3 along with Nuke Mode changes. For those who have been waiting for the next Twisted Metal update, there are some issues with it according to David Jaffe Twitter feed. The team has been testing out the third patch, and found a bug where the games crashes 100% […]

Twisted Metal Patch No. 3 Brings More Network Fixes, Balancing Patch Next Week, Trophies Bugged News 7

News 7 David Jaffe gives a status update on Twisted Metal, discusses balancing and other bugs. In a recent video update, David Jaffe has said that possibly later today, Sony and Eat,Sleep,Play will be deploying Patch Number 3, which will further address the network issues. If the patch is not live today, then expect it no later then […]

Twisted Metal Patch No. 2 Now Live; Some Network Improvements, More Fixes Coming News 25

News 25 Twisted Metal patch 1.02 has officially gone live and David Jaffe gives an update on network errors. As of right now, I can confirm that there are some improvements over the network error that has been plaguing the game for the last two weeks, but only slightly (at least for me). According to Jaffe, some […]

Twisted Metal – Patch No. 2 Arrives Tomorrow, Fixes Network Issues News 5

News 5 David Jaffe discusses the upcoming patch, balancing, and other issues with Twisted Metal. Sometime, possibly tomorrow if Sony give is the okay, Eat, Sleep, Play will be deploying patch no. 2 for Twisted Metal online. This patch is meant to address all the current online connectivity issues that players have been experiencing since Twisted Metal […]

Twisted Metal Skin Customizer Now Live News 10

News 10 Although there isn’t any planned DLC for Twisted Metal, Eat,Sleep, Play and Sony have collaborated to design a skin tool that you may use to make your own personalized vehicle skins. As of today, the tool is now available to be used. Down below you’ll be able to see the tool in action. When creating […]

Twisted Metal Skin Generator Demonstrated News 1

News 1 Although Twisted Metal currently has no plans for DLC, the guys over at Eat, Sleep, Play have allowed players to create their own Twisted Metal vehicle skins, which can be shared with anyone. In this video Jaffe will demonstrate how it works.

Twisted Metal Matchmaking Status Update and Other Concerns News 4

News 4 Twisted Metal’s David Jaffe discusses the studio’s progress on matchmaking along with other issues. Text error is being addressed where it says network error when it should be room full error. Working on it constantly It’s on Sony server side Party System is being addressed where players can’t invite friends Ranking system being addressed Split […]

Twisted Metal – Tuning Missiles and Demo Expired News 5

News 5 As in any online multiplayer game, players will complain about weapons and vehicles being “over powered”. It’s very common for developers to go back and release patches that would make these weapons weaker or dumbed down. Jaffe has commented on these issues, such as the missiles, stating that the team will not be dumbing down […]

Twisted Metal Demo Extended Until February 13th News 9

News 9 David Jaffe has revealed that Twisted Metal’s demo, which was supposed to come to an end today, has been extended to last until February 13th. Recently, we reported on the possibility of leaving the demo servers a bit longer to make up for the matchmaking problems that the game has suffered. Now, David Jaffe confirms, via Twitter, that he “just got […]

Twisted Metal – New Details on Custom Vehicle Skins with Images News 1

News 1 David Jaffe has released some brand new Twisted Metal images showcasing various custom multiplayer skins. Last week, David confirmed that Twisted Metal would support full user generated multiplayer skins. Though not much was detailed, David Jaffe has stated that any painting or art program can be used to create your own skins. From here you can […]

Twisted Metal – Demo Status, Nuke Mode Talon Issue Resolved In Retail Game News 4

News 4 David Jaffe discusses the current status of the Twisted Metal’s demo along with addressing concerns over Talons. David Jaffe has stated on Twitter that the matchmaking issues in the demo are still being worked on, and that the team has been working hard all weekend. Though, it has gotten much better, the team strives to make […]

Twisted Metal Will Support User Generated Skins News 3

News 3 David Jaffe has confirmed that the upcoming Twisted Metal game will support customizable paint skins and details how it works. Starting sometime next week (before the game launches), Twisted Metal fans will be able to visit the official website and start uploading personally customized skins. Jaffe stated that these skins will be available in the game […]

Twisted Metal Matchmaking “Fail Rate is Down to 50%”, Demo Might Get an Extension News 7

News 7 David Jaffe took to Twitter to update Twisted Metal fans on the matchmaking issues hampering the demo. Twisted Metal’s Director, David Jaffe, announced that he received a “Twisted Metal demo update from Sony producer” regarding the matchmaking issues. While the problems aren’t “fully addressed, the fail rate is down to 50%.” He went on to add, “player counts have doubled […]

Twisted Metal – Killstreak Rewards, Rank Unlocks, and the Hardest Trophy News 2

News 2 During a live developer stream, hosted by Sonyrumors, new details for Twisted Metal were revealed. It has been confirmed that there will now be rank unlocks. Though, some might think this would unbalance the game, these unlocks are not “Upgrades”, which imply that some players would have access to better weapons, (getting something better then […]

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