Twisted Metal – Tuning Missiles and Demo Expired

As in any online multiplayer game, players will complain about weapons and vehicles being “over powered”. It’s very common for developers to go back and release patches that would make these weapons weaker or dumbed down.

Jaffe has commented on these issues, such as the missiles, stating that the team will not be dumbing down anything in the game. However,  “the TMA crew (Twisted Metal fan forums) too much to just ignore,” stated Jaffe regarding the issues the fans brought up. “If we can tune for what they want game may actually get deeper,” Jaffe explained on Twitter, but he emphasized “not sure how it will go but no dumbing down.” As we reported earlier, the team over at ESP will continue to support Twisted Metal after launch, making sure that there aren’t any huge bugs or issues.

Concerning the Twisted Metal demo. As stated earlier, the demo would only stay up on PSN for a limited amount of time. Yesterday, it was confirmed that the demo would stay live until the 13th. Well it seems that this might have changed. The demo has been taken off PSN on schedule to the original removal date. No word on whether the demo will be coming back, but they are looking in on the issue. Upon launching the demo, players will receive an error code stating that “the content has expired and is no longer available.”

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