Twisted Metal Skin Customizer Now Live

Although there isn’t any planned DLC for Twisted Metal, Eat,Sleep, Play and Sony have collaborated to design a skin tool that you may use to make your own personalized vehicle skins. As of today, the tool is now available to be used. Down below you’ll be able to see the tool in action.

When creating a skin, the skin will display in low polygon. This is so the website isn’t slow. When you download them from in-game they are highly detailed and look much better that their website counter part.

To get started visit

Once you have successfully logged into PSN then you can begin customizing your own personal vehicle skin. You can select any of the vehicles available in Twisted Metal, and either start editing from the site itself or downloading it and bringing it into such tools as Photoshop, MS Paint, and ect.

After you have selected a vehicle, it will bring you to the next screen, where you can then edit it’s color, add textures, or upload you’re own base.

After that, you’ll be able to move onto step two, which will contain all your graphics such as shapes and decals. These can be freely added to your vehicle and just as the base color, you can also upload your own to use.

Example of me scaling a decal on my template.

Once done with that move onto step 3 to build your vehicle and then publish it.

There is one very important step that you must take in order to use the skin online. Although it says it’s been published, you’ll need to actually activate the skin, which you can do from the drop down menu on the website. Select Customizer and then Manage. This will display all your current skins that you have downloaded or created. You will see an Activation button. After this your vehicle will finally be able to be used in game.

To find in game, go to Multiplayer, Profile, Paint Job and then select Refresh downloadable Skins, and you’ll then start downloading the skins. Then you are all set.

There are already some available skins that other users have created. You can get these by selecting the Browse option from the Customizer drop down menu

There is a grief report system so be careful of your vehicle design as they can be deemed to offensive and then be removed, according to Jaffe.

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