Twisted Metal – Patch No. 2 Arrives Tomorrow, Fixes Network Issues

David Jaffe discusses the upcoming patch, balancing, and other issues with Twisted Metal.

Sometime, possibly tomorrow if Sony give is the okay, Eat, Sleep, Play will be deploying patch no. 2 for Twisted Metal online. This patch is meant to address all the current online connectivity issues that players have been experiencing since Twisted Metal launched.

Jaffe hopes that after the patch has been deployed and hopefully the online connectivity issues have been kinked out, then the team will be turning their focus towards bugs and balancing issues and will be looking over the community feedback .

According to Jaffe, the ability to join mid-game for ranked rooms may come in a later update if players become too frustrated. Jaffe says that the reason why it’s not there is because it would screw up XP fairness and the skill system that the game currently runs on. However, they may be worth the sacrifice if the community wants it.

In Jaffe’s latest video post, patch no. 3 might  address the party system. Currently, the party system breaks up the parties once you enter a game. This is because of balancing that the team wanted to keep between matches. Though they have looked at player feedback and may create a solution, it might mean that matches may become unbalanced due to parties.

He also confirmed that they are working on upping the XP on Nuke, which should come with the next match. Concerning stats being lost or not updated when joining certain game modes, the team is looking into this issue as well. However, in most cases, you aren’t loosing your stats as this is an error. They do normally return once you log back in.

Players have been complaining that matches should have some sort of auto-start because many times the host may be away and the game doesn’t start, causing players to leave in frustration. This will be addressed in patch no. 3.

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