Twisted Metal Patch No. 2 Now Live; Some Network Improvements, More Fixes Coming

Twisted Metal patch 1.02 has officially gone live and David Jaffe gives an update on network errors.

As of right now, I can confirm that there are some improvements over the network error that has been plaguing the game for the last two weeks, but only slightly (at least for me). According to Jaffe, some users are reporting that it’s way better than before while others have said it has gotten much worse. Eat, Sleep, Play and Sony then decided to take down the servers in hopes to get everyone to update.  However, since the revival of the servers, I can say that there’s still an abundance of network errors. We should, though, give the game a complete 24 hours post patch as there are still many players who don’t have the current patch.

Starting tomorrow (Feb. 25th), ESP and Sony will be deploying new bandwidth servers. According to Jaffe, players with low bandwidth may be currently trying to run games with 16 players which is causing the issues with joining games. The fix is meant to allow players with low bandwidth to support low player counts while those with big bandwidth can support the bigger games.

For those who’ve downloaded the patch, do you notice any network improvements? Let us know in the comments below.

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