Twisted Metal Update No. 3 Delayed, Nuke Mode XP Changes Are Live

David Jaffe gives an update on patch number 3 along with Nuke Mode changes.

For those who have been waiting for the next Twisted Metal update, there are some issues with it according to David Jaffe Twitter feed. The team has been testing out the third patch, and found a bug where the games crashes 100% of the time.This bug occurred whenever Shadow’s alt special was used. Jaffe said that this bug has now been fixed, however, because the team wants to be sure there aren’t any other new bugs, they will continue testing, and hope to get the patch out sometime later this week.

There is some good news for those who wanted XP changes to Nuke Mode. The team has updated the servers with some new XP points in Nuke Mode. The following actions have been increased:

Shoot down missile:

  • WAS: 25 XP
  • NOW: 35 XP

Hit Base With Missile:

  • WAS: 25 XP
  • NOW: 45 XP

Defend Hacking Teammate:

  • WAS: 15 XP
  • NOW: 25 XP

Kill enemy with hostage:

  • WAS: 15 XP
  • NOW: 30 XP

Kill hacking enemy:

  • WAS: 25 XP
  • NOW: 50 XP

Grab hostage:

  • WAS: 5 XP
  • NOW: 10 XP

Launch missile:

  • WAS: 10 XP
  • NOW: 20 XP

Missile shoot down assist:

  • WAS: 5 XP
  • NOW: 25 XP
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