Twisted Metal Matchmaking Status Update and Other Concerns

Twisted Metal’s David Jaffe discusses the studio’s progress on matchmaking along with other issues.

  • Text error is being addressed where it says network error when it should be room full error.
  • Working on it constantly
  • It’s on Sony server side
  • Party System is being addressed where players can’t invite friends
  • Ranking system being addressed
  • Split Parties being looked into. Players who are in a party and join a game would be split apart. Whether this is due to balancing is not known to Jaffe as he hasn’t gotten the chance to play the retail game yet.
  • Skin system will be live later on today (Feb 16th, Jaffe is in Las Vegas and published the video on Feb 15th)*.

*The skin system is not 100% for sure as Sony has told Jaffe on multiple occasions that the skin system would be live before launch, then followed by another update saying on launch date.

Here’s the video update that David Jaffe posted. (NSFW)

[youtube id=”bHXTNEQpVko” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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