Twisted Metal – Axel Coming for Free In Next Patch, Leaderboards, Tweaks, and Other Fixes Coming

David Jaffe discusses the upcoming Twisted Metal patch, which will contain a few pleasent surprises.

Good news for those who have been waiting for Axel to be released for Twisted Metal, David Jaffe has confirmed on Twitter that in the next patch he will become free for everyone. Jaffe stated, Originally Axel was only available to those who had pre-ordered Twisted Metal. Additionally, there will also be a surprise skin for all characters that has not yet been detailed. According to Jaffe, the leaderboards have been fixed. Players who had more than 100,000 points were not showing up properly on the leaderboards.

Concerning tweaks, party system, and trophies Jaffe has uploaded a new video update, which you can view here.

To Summarize the video:

  • Leaderboard reports are being looked into.
  • Connection issues will continue to be looked into and the next patch should help.
  • NAT Type 3 is an issue with your internet router. Jaffe advises to change it to NAT Type 1.
    (Look around the net to see how to do this, though I advice to do this only if your experienced with router settings.)
  • Tie games and rage quitting will damage your skill.
  • Staying in parties when joining ranked games: This comes down to skills and balancing. Joining games where one side is high skill level and the other extremely low. This throws off balancing. No plans to make any adjustments to this.
  • Skin website – Browser is being tweaked to look better.
  • Tuning is being worked on.
  • Talon getting a new visual on the HUD. Make it different from normal vehicles so that players will know it’s Talon.
  • Junkyard healing XP being tweaked
  • Auto-Start: they feel like it’s fine now that host are aware of being host, but if players feel it’s still an issue they will fixed this later.

For those who are experiencing trophy issues (not unlocking) there is an explanation for this that we have reported on before. Over at PS3Trophies, one user has said that the trophies are not unlocking due to slow stats update. Jaffe has confirmed that this may be the issue, and that if you follow the PS3trophies post then they will eventually unlock. However, if they do not, then simply giving a tweet at Jaffe, or post on the official Twisted Metal forums with additional information on the trophy that may help Eat Sleep Play pinpoint the issue.

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