Battlefield 3 Dev Defends Weapon Attachment Re-Balance

Core Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz, discusses the re-balancing of weapon attachments with Battlefield 3 fans.

If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out some big changes to weapon balance that are in store for Battlefield 3. Here, Kertz mentions some drastic changes that may be making it’s way to weapon attachments and accessories in the near future. Of course, this has stirred up much discussion among the Battlefield 3 community and we have some of Kertz’s responses here.

Recently, Kertz followed up on his original statements. Thanks to community feedback, it seems that “accessory values will now be tweaked per weapon, instead of globally.” This means, for example, a forgrip would most likely be more effective used on a weapon with high recoil, and less effective used on an already stable weapon. This should hopefully balance out those hyper-accurate weapons like the F2000 or FAMAS with a forgrip.

To fans questioning Kertz’a design decisions, he had this to say: “static games get stale. I’m a designer, I love change, I embrace it, not for the sake but in an attempt to analyze and improve the experience.” He also mentioned that he believes “a game is a series of interesting choices. When the player stops having choices, or those choices don’t matter the game becomes less fun.” This is obviously referring to the reason why he felt these accessories needed a rebalance in the first place: choice. According to Kertz, “a great example of this is class Balance. Playtime is split almost evenly between all the classes. That’s great balance because its an interesting choice. One player may play more Assault, another more Recon, but it balances out.” He went on to say that he wishes the same for weapon balance: “I wish to see a more even spread between attachments for players who have unlocked those options.”

Do you agree with Kertz’s reasoning? Let us know in the comments below!

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