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Halo 4 Weapon Tuning Update Impressions – A Step In The Right Direction Reviews 8

Reviews 8 After sinking my teeth into the June 3rd Halo 4 weapon tuning update for the past couple days, I finally put my controller down for a second to give my impressions thus far. While you can read the full list of changes here, let’s elaborate a bit on how all the changes affect the game itself. […]

Incoming Halo 4 Weapon Balance Update to Re-Tune Precision, Automatic and Vehicle Weapons News 18

News 18 Halo 4 developers 343 Industries are in the midst of weapon balance changes that will affect all classes of weapons in the coming days. The “ability to make weapon adjustments via backend tuning” introduced it Title Update 3 is allowing the team “make great progress” when it comes to weapon adjustments and testing, according to […]

[Updated] BF3 Devs Tease a “Rewarding Week” Ahead, Reveal Most Popular Map and Weapon Balance Secrets News 134

News 134 Developers over at Digital Illusions CE reveal the most played and most popular map in Battlefield 3, give some insight to weapon and vehicle balance and teases an interesting week for Battlefield 3 fans. When asked which Battlefield 3 map has been most played so far, Senior Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz, revealed, “Op Metro.” This doesn’t come […]

Battlefield 3 Dev Defends Weapon Attachment Re-Balance News 60

News 60 Core Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz, discusses the re-balancing of weapon attachments with Battlefield 3 fans. If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out some big changes to weapon balance that are in store for Battlefield 3. Here, Kertz mentions some drastic changes that may be making it’s way to weapon attachments and accessories in the near […]

Big Changes To Weapon Balance In Store for Battlefield 3 News 86

News 86 Alan Kertz, Senior Gameplay Designer at DICE, has some significant weapon balance changes in mind that might be making its way to Battlefield 3 soon. Much of this was hinted at earlier when Kertz discussed his feelings on the FAMAS assault rifle, which many players may see as over-powered. However, recently on Reddit, Kertz threw around some ideas […]