Incoming Halo 4 Weapon Balance Update to Re-Tune Precision, Automatic and Vehicle Weapons

Halo 4 developers 343 Industries are in the midst of weapon balance changes that will affect all classes of weapons in the coming days.

The “ability to make weapon adjustments via backend tuning” introduced it Title Update 3 is allowing the team “make great progress” when it comes to weapon adjustments and testing, according to the Halo Bulletin.

It appears the team has a few ideas in mind that they’ve shared in the latest blog update.

Precision Weapon Balance

Our goal of the upcoming balance update is to create an even balance across all precision rifles (DMR, Battle Rifle, Carbine and LightRifle). Our latest tests have included (but are not limited to) rate of fire and damage tweaks to several weapons within this category. Additionally, it is important to create balance amongst all primary weapons, which leads into the next category.

Automatic Weapon Balance

An important part of overall balance is ensuring that each weapon excels within its intended role. As we move the dials to tweak some of the precision weapons, it demands that certain tweaks also be made to automatic weapons, which include the Assault Rifle, Suppressor and more. We are investigating modifying the rate of fire, accuracy and damage on these weapons.

Vehicle Weapon Balance

We have seen many community concerns that certain vehicles may be examples of sandbox elements that could be improved. We are currently looking at tuning some of the weapons that these vehicles have at their disposal in order to increase their usefulness and viability. We greatly value the teamwork (and fun) required in riding around in a Warthog with a buddy, and want to ensure that this and other vehicles have great draw and value.

The blog mentions that the team is “approaching weapon re-balancing very carefully, as each change that is checked requires vigorous testing to ensure that it benefits the entire sandbox, and that gameplay is improved on a global level across all of Halo 4’s maps, game modes and scenarios.”

As for timing, the blog notes, “we are well underway and will be bringing this update to Halo 4 Matchmaking as soon as it’s ready.”

What are your thoughts on the current state of weapon balance in Halo 4? What do you think needs tweaking?

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