Battlefield 3 Dev Talks Changes to Suppressors, Pistols and More

Battlefield 3 Updates in Black

Alan Kertz, Core Gameplay Designer at DICE, gives us even more details of the upcoming weapon attachment rebalance. In cased you missed it, he began going into further detail in yesterday’s post which you can check out here.

For those wondering, Kertz confirmed that “the changes to suppressor and laser will affect pistols” as well. He also mentioned that other semi-auto weapons “should be much better with the ‘jamming’ fix,” which will hopefully be included in the upcoming February patch. It was asked if Kertz had any plans to tweak the the M1911’s minimum damage, considering it can be tough to use with it’s small clip size. He responded, “it’s 3 up close, I can double check the range. Big diff will be its easier to hit the fire rate in next update.”

Many fans are curious about the changes being made to the suppressor attachment and are worried that it might not be as effective as it is currently. “Will the suppressor still be the only attachment hiding me from enemy’s minimap?” one fan asked. Kertz answered, “yes, as it’s the only one with enough other negatives to balance that positive.” However, Kertz mentioned that to balance it out, “the suppressor will no longer cause a damage reduction over long range, thats a nice buff.” Many PDW users favor the suppressor as a go-to attachment, but with the suppressor’s 50% reduction in hip fire accuracy, will these submachine guns still be as effective for those run-and-gun players? “They will have a hip penalty yes, though [PDWs] are so good to begin with it won’t hurt much,” according to Kertz.

On a side note, Kertz clears up the situation regarding the much talked about FAMAS assault rifle. Many have been asking if it will be seeing a nerf in the upcoming update. Kertz clarified saying “no, it becomes balanced with the accessory changes.”

Are you an avid user of the suppressor attachment? Are you concerned about these upcoming changes? Let us know in the comments below.

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