Battlefield 3 Update: “FAMAS Is Mostly Fine,” DICE To Nerf Forgrip

Battlefield 3 Updates in Black

Alan Kertz, Core Gameplay Designer at DICE, gives us some updates on what’s happening with the FAMAS assault rifle, recently included in the Back to Karkand expansion pack.

You may remember that we recently reported Kertz claiming that the FAMAS definitely needs to see some tweaks in the next Battlefield 3 patch. Generally, it is seen by the community as a fairly over-powered weapon with a great fire rate, and a low amount of recoil, especially with the forgrip attachment. As it turns out, it’s this forgrip attachment that specifically needs some looking into, according to Kertz, who just recently stated, “I think the FAMAS is mostly fine folks, it’s the Foregrip that eliminates too much muzzle drift.” He believes that it’s also the case with some of the other popular assault rifles, as he stated, “that’s also true on the AEK and the F2K.” This doesn’t come as too much of a surprise considering he also spoke of changes he wanted to make to weapon attachments.

As it stands, the forgrip is one of the few attachments that doesn’t have any sort of drawback or side-effect included along with it. Could we soon be seeing a nerf to the “over-powered” forgrip attachment? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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