Battlefield 3 Dev Further Details Incoming Weapon Attachment Changes

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Alan Kertz, Core Gamepley Designer on Battlefield 3, goes further in depth into weapon attachments and what the functions of different combinations will be once his changes take effect.

First, to be clear, Kertz stated that “the accessory balance goal [which you can read all about here] is to give each accessory a playstyle.” As an example, Kertz mentiond that the “Foregrip + Suppressor will be the clear CQB combo.” One fan asked, “Foregrip + Laser sight won’t be the clear CQB combo?!” Kertz responded, “Laser is the Run and Gun king,” since it will heavily reduce hip fire recoil.

As for roles of the Heavy Barrel and Flash Suppressor, he simply put it, “Heavy Barrel long range, and Flash Suppressor midrange.” However, we can “expect a full, detailed description of the change when it goes live.” One fan mentioned that the Heavy Barrel currently increases recoil, so why should it help at long range? Kerts answered that “it’s getting buffed to help at range.” Other fans were confused as to why the suppressor would be primarily for CQB. Kertz clarified that “the Suppressor is stealth but short ranged.¬†Another option would be the Laser Sight for greater hip accuracy.”

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Given what we know so far, why type of combinations do you think you will be trying out? Let us know in the comments below!