BF3 Dev Responds to Over-Powered FAMAS, Operation Metro on CQ and More

Senior Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz shares his thoughts on the FAMAS, Operation Metro on Conquest and discusses Comrose on consoles.

Being a few days after the release of Back to Karkand, which included 10 brand new weapons, many fans are beginning to express concern over the FAMAS assault rifle being too over-powered. It seems like Kertz would agree, saying that the “FAMAS with foregrip and silencer is op. FAMAS alone has disadvantages, but the accessories totally cancel them.” Kertz has alo recently been talking about making some significant changes to weapon attachment combinations. Read more here.

The Battlefield 3 community seems to have a love/hate relationship with the map Operation Metro on the Conquest game-type. We can all agree that it can be extremely hectic with it’s narrow corridors and choke-points, especially on 64-player servers. Though many fans would like to see changes made to the map layout, Kertz feels that “given the high popularity of metro, I think it’s fine.” So, don’t expect to see any changes made in the near future, if not ever.

It has also recently been discussed among Battlefield 3 developers to move the Comrose to consoles on top of adding further functionality to the PC version (comrose 2.0). As mentioned in our previous articles, one thing holding the devs back from adding it to consoles is the issue of finding a free button. Interestingly, on fan suggested holding down the “Y” or “Triangle” button to bring up the command list. Kertz simply responded that “it’s been discussed.”

What are your thoughts? Do you find the FAMAS over-powered? How do you feel about Operation Metro on Conquest? Do you think holding Y/Triangle is a good solution for bringing up the Comrose? Let us know in the comments below!

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