Nintendo NX Revealed as Nintendo Switch

Nintendo promised they would reveal more about the Nintendo NX today at 7AM PST and they did. The device is officially called the Nintendo Switch.

You can catch the reveal trailer above. The trailer showcases The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wilds, Skyrim, NBA 2K and of course, a new Mario game. This means the gaming console will have great 3rd party support which can be found below:


The Nintendo Switch will hit retail shelves on March, 2017.

  • Patrick Matthew Barahona

    It’s funny how much Ubisoft has been hyping the NX, or now Nintendo Switch, but isn’t even on that list.

    • jameslara

      It is there we’re just all blind because we thought the exact same thing but it is there right next to Warner Brothers

      • Patrick Matthew Barahona

        Now I feel dumb for not double checking lol. Only quick glanced once.


    Man I sold my Xbox, Xbox 360 & Xbox one to pre order the Nintendo Switch. Because I’ve been waiting since the N64 for a console to go back to cartridges where there will be no horrible load times and HUGE disc install. Thanks Nintendo