[Updated] Rumor – Modern Warfare 3 August Spec Ops Missions ‘Special Delivery’ and ‘Light ‘Em Up’ Screens Leaked

Update: Yet another leaked image has surfaced, this time of another Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops mission called ‘Special Delivery’, seemingly taking place at night inside a shipping area.

Original Story: Gamecheat13 is at it again, this time leaking one of next month’s Spec Ops missions ‘Light ‘Em Up’, as spotted by MP1st forum user Moriarty1975.

The team behind Modern Warfare 3 will release two Spec Ops mission and a classified drop, which is rumored to be a new game mode, in August for Xbox 360 Elite members. The drops will be revealed this week, which will confirm or deny all the recent Modern Warfare 3 DLC rumors, according to a tweet by Infinity Ward’s Community Coordinator, Candice Capen.

Here’s the leaked gameplay, which should not stay up for long, so catch the a gallery of screens we captured underneath:


  • Seniorelite19

    The most casual mission ever.

  • Anyone miss Overload doing the announcement for the spec ops missions?

    • Laser0pz

      Baseplate’s more badass. He’s MacMillan from COD4.

  • activision leaks every dlc on purpose… its getting old

    • bobshi

      No, like with the Terminal game play leak they’re using IW’s dev environment to get the game file, Mark Rubin said himself. Says something about their security that something like that is externally accessible.

    • oceanic

      Can never understand when people say this. Surely if IW wanted to “leak” it they would just do it via official channels (Twitter, their forums, Facebook etc)? What are they to gain by faking a leak?

  • xDD

    Ejercito Dino!!!

  • (haters have issues)
    • We’re aware of this. The list “leaked” about 4 days ago, we can’t confirm it’s real or anything, so it’s too wild of a rumor to report on.

  • Faraz

    Who gives a damn about this game? This is a fail game.

    • If that’s the case for you, stop wasting your time reading these articles, and quit wasting the bandwidth posting shit no one cares to hear from you.

      • Faraz

        LoL I wanna assure you i didn’t read the article at all. I just glanced at the images and thought this game really sux. But yeah, I did waste a little bandwith in opening this article.
        But, truth is truth, MW3 sux. COD games SuX. It the same DLC they sell every winter. If this game costs $15, I love it. If this DLC costs $59.99 + tax. Oh no. Thanks but no thanks

        • ondsnap

          Then save your time and ours by not ever posting something about COD. You can take your non-informed opinions and shove them where your head is…thats right, up your ass. Go troll somewhere else mamma’s boy.

          • Faraz

            False. I will go to every forum and every place to inform people.

            • cheeseburger eddy

              You seriously need a life, you waste your own time to diss cod but will get on your knees for battlefield, go jizz on a battlefield article.

            • Faraz

              Yes I have a life cuz I play BF3. U need to get a life.

        • Get a life

    • masada157

      Clearly you do. Since you took the time to post on a MW3 page. 3 times.

      • Faraz

        no I don’t give a damn about this game. But I do give a damn when a $15
        game gets popularized for no good reason so that ppl would buy new one
        in November.

        • cheeseburger eddy

          You have a life cause you play battlefield… do you even think about what u write? Go jerk it to some terrible battlefield gameplay bro

          • Faraz

            yes I know what I am writing (but sometimes I do face difficulty cuz English is not my first language). These articles on different websites popularize the game wrongly. I can’t stop these website to stop publishing articles about these game because it’s their job. The new game comes out, it’s their job to give the news to the public. And I am fine with that. But, what I can do, is illuminate public about how bad this game is and they will be ripped off if they buy this game.

            • cheeseburger eddy

              What is your first language then, and people honestly don’t want to see negative comments on articles. I see battlefield articles and laugh and sometimes comment only cause of you, but I usually keep things to my self. I’ll let people see how bad battlefield is for them selves. Mw3 could use more ” new ” features sure, yea its close to everything mw2 was but leave the damn game alone, people really aren’t going to not get games or dlc packages bc one person annoys everyone by posting useless comments about the game.

            • Faraz

              My 1st language is Urdu. Yes people do wanna see all kinds of comments: positive and negetive both. That’s not the right thing when u keep ur opinions to urself cuz some times people come to read these articles to see how this game is and if this game is worth buying.
              And yes if my ‘right’ comments can help just one single individual to not buy this game, i would think my job is done. Yeah I know out of 25 million if one stops buying there game, it won’t make any difference to Activision. But I would be happy. Cuz I was ripped. And I want to stop at least 1 individual from getting ripped.
              Lastly, these comments are not for u (they r somewhat), my comments are for those who come to read comments on articles to decide if they should get ‘a’ game.

            • cheeseburger eddy

              That African? And people check these specific articles out bc they are interested, hence want to see positive things about this game or whatever they look at. And actually if u stop one person from buying a game that’s messed up bc who knows until u actually TRY a game to decide if its not worth buying. Just cause you probably aren’t good at cod or had one bad experience doesn’t mean to ruin it for everyone else

            • Faraz

              lol @ bad at COD.

            • cheeseburger eddy

              See you are immature, have fun wasting sooo much money on battlefield, ill have fun playing the better game ( cod )

            • Seniorelite19

              All ok, but… better game? hahahahahahahahahahahaha

            • cheeseburger eddy

              Hahahahahahaha Omg I know isn’t it funny how much better cod is than battlefield Hhahahahahahahah

            • Faraz

              lol cheeseburger I feel that’s an artificial laugh. don’t force yourself to laugh. Bf3 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> cods

            • cheeseburger eddy

              Clearly you are in well over your head with battlesucks, I mean fields, I’m laughing bc all Cods >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> any battlefield, and if u dis agree then man I feel so bad you waste your time playing battlefield bc it sucks so bad its not even funny anymore

        • masada157

          Make that 8 times. You don’t care about MW3, yet you posted in a MW3 article 8 times.

          • Faraz

            I don’t know if u r counting my posts on other MW3/BO II related articles. I have posted more than 8 times in those articles.
            Thats how much these COD games sux.

            • cheeseburger eddy

              Nobody wastes their life complaining about battlefield bc its so unimportant nobody cares about that game

            • Faraz

              no people do. I respect their opinion if they glorify COD and degrade BF3. I just happen to have different opinions.

  • Nighthawk_0430

    Hey, an update on this, he is saying the classified august drop is something called Spec Ops Chaos. Any ideas on what this might be?

    • oceanic

      If it is Spec Ops Chaos….i’m thinking Survival mode but no rounds, just an endless uninterrupted wave of enemy AI?

    • A harder version of spec ops?

    • Personally the ONLY game mode I would like is a 4 player Spec-ops Survival mode!!

  • Sacred

    spec-ops chaos is rumored to be the gamemode. ChaosxSilencer retweeted a picture of a guy playing spec ops chaos in resistance.

  • mw3-player

    is that yuri or????

  • JK Monroe

    Please no more Spec Ops!!!

    Are multiplayer maps that hard to develop?? If Infinity Ward put in half the effort in creating Face Off and Spec Ops content they could have released some good multiplayer maps that the MAJORITY of players would want.

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  • got to watch the videos fast they get taken down by copyright holders.

  • RebornAngel96

    There should be a spec ops mission with Ghost as your teammate. REALY there should cuz I thot they said they’re I’d a surprise or something about ghost.. Or at least let us play as him. Cuz he’s not dead wow.

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