Takedown: Red Sabre – Serellan Partners With 505 Games For a Global Release

Serellan founder and former Ghost Recon creative director Christian Allen has announced today that the team’s successfully funded Kickstarter project, now named Takedown: Red Sabre, will be published by 505 Games in order to provide a global release for the title.

The project recently surpassed $200,000 in funds, at which point the original name of Takedown was changed to Takedown: Red Sabre, a shooter based on realism and tactical gameplay in the style of older Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon titles.

Takedown: Red Sabre is a community project, one of the latest to be born out of Kickstarter, and the team at Serellan have already garnered a significant following,” said Head of Global Brand for 505 Games Tim Woodley. “Our role in this partnership is to preserve and encourage the team’s direct dialogue with the community while ensuring we leverage our global presence to grow the audience, amplify the buzz and maximise the potential we and the community of early evangelists believe that Takedown: Red Sabre has.”

Christian Allen commented, “We are extremely pleased to be able to let our Kickstarter community know that their early faith in the Takedown dream will be rewarded with a global campaign from a committed partner who consistently launches successful global campaigns from IL-2: Sturmovik to Sniper Elite V2.”

Our last peak at Takedown: Red Sabre came in the form of a batch of images of the game in development. You can view them for yourself right here.

You can also check out Christian Allen’s original pitch for the title right here.

Takedown: Red Sabre will be released on multiple platforms this year, 2013.

  • Battlefield Engineer

    Game looks interesting, hope it turns out well.

  • so buying this love hardcore tactical FPS’s :3

  • Fábio Vieira

    Who’s “Christopher” Allen? 😉

  • Retro

    They had me at ……….”the style of older Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon titles.”.

  • Fábio Vieira

    Another tatical shooter worth keeping an eye on is Ground Branch, which is being developed by BlackFoot Studios. 🙂

  • Hol_Up

    This brings me to question what is going on with R6 Patriots?

  • MegaMan3k

    I’m personally rather put off by the art style. It reminds me of that time around 2004 when all the games were increasing bump mapping and the lighting was strange and exaggerated and everything looked like clay.

    I honestly feel like there’s nut much room for “realistic” graphics unless you’re able to compete with the big dogs. I think I would have rather seen Takedown go with a more stylized approach – not like Dishonored or Special Forces Team X or anything *extreme*… Just, I don’t know.

  • Blaine

    With PC being the lead platform, I’m very excited. I’m also a huge fan of anything crowd-funded and independent, so I’m all about this game. Really looking forward to what it has to offer.

  • roland0811

    Can’t wait for this! Looks like consoles will FINALLY get a slower paced tactical shooter. Something to fill the empty space that Dragon Rising and GRAW2 left when they died out. I’m beyond burned out with the run ‘n gun arcade-y sprintfests of BF3 and MoH.