Your CoD Elite Questions Answered, Who Get’s Black Ops 2 DLC First? Elite on All Platforms? And More

Call of Duty Elite was just recently announced as a free service for Black Ops 2 while DLC will be sold separately within a Season Pass or individually.

But, who get’s this DLC first? Will the Season Pass be included in a Black Ops 2 special edition? Are Elite services available on all platforms? What’s the deal with clans? We answer these questions and more below.

According to the Call of Duty Elite FAQ, “fans who purchase the Season Pass will have access to each of the Call of Duty®: Black Ops 2 DLC Map Packs on the same date as those who purchase the DLC Map Packs á la carte for their respective platform.” However, it also mentions that “Call of Duty®: Black Ops 2 DLC Map Packs will come to the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system first, followed by additional platforms at a later date.”

So while the DLC schedule won’t be as complicated as last year’s Modern Warfare 3 season of content, Xbox 360 players can still look forward to their DLC first.

What about other platforms? “With details for the Wii U™ game system from Nintendo being newly announced, Activision is working with Nintendo on the possibility of releasing the Call of Duty®: Black Ops 2 DLC Map Packs and the DLC Season Pass for this new gaming platform, and more details will be released at a later date,” reads the FAQ.

With regards to Modern Warfare 3, gamer should know that “Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3 Premium membership content will not be a part of the free Call of Duty® Elite offering for Call of Duty®: Black Ops 2.” However, “existing Call of Duty® Elite login information will give you access to all the Call of Duty®: Black Ops 2 elements in Call of Duty® Elite, as well as your existing career stats and data for Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3 and the original Call of Duty®: Black Ops. You will be able to access all your player and clan information using your existing login.”

For you clan members, “your current Call of Duty® Elite clan for Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare 3 will transfer over for Call of Duty®: Black Ops 2. However, your Call of Duty® Elite clan level for Call of Duty®: Black Ops 2 will be reset, as it is separate from your Call of Duty® Elite clan level for Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare 3.”

One question on the minds of many gamers is if Activision or Treyarch will release a special collectors edition of Black Ops 2 that includes this Season Pass, on top of the previously announced collectors editions. According to the FAQ, “No, there will not be a Call of Duty® Elite Collector’s Edition of Call of Duty®: Black Ops 2.” Additionally, “Call of Duty® Elite will not be included in the [previously announced] Collector’s Edition of Call of Duty®: Black Ops 2. Call of Duty® Elite services for Call of Duty®: Black Ops 2 are free, and Call of Duty®: Black Ops 2 DLC Map Packs will be offered separately from Call of Duty® Elite.”

This brings us to our last question. Will Elite be available on platforms other than the Xbox 360 and PS3? “Call of Duty® Elite will be available at launch on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, on select handheld and tablet devices, and on the Web,” answers the FAQ. “We are currently evaluating options for Call of Duty® Elite to support the PC and Nintendo’s Wii U™ game system, however Call of Duty® Elite for Call of Duty®: Black Ops 2 will not support these two platforms when the game launches on November 13th.”

Hopefully that clears up a few of your more important Call of Duty Elite questions.

Leave any more questions or concerns in the comments below!

  • Pete

    So while the DLC schedule won’t be as complicated as last year’s Modern
    Warfare 3 season of content, Xbox 360 players can still look forward to
    their DLC first.

    I don’t see why it’s getting less complicated anywhere in this article…
    according to you information it’s getting evenly or maybe even more complicated then with modern warfare 3 -_-‘

    btw are they releasing them as map packs or is it also possible to buy single maps…
    would be a nice feature since probably 25% of the players only want zombie maps.

    • Reread the article all of your questions will be answered

    • Well, no, cause with MW3, you had 4 different release dates for DLC: Xbox Premium, PS3 Premium, Xbox non-Premium and PS3+PC non-Premium.

      Now there’s only 2: Xbox vs PS3 and PC, similar to MW2’s DLC.

      Maps will most likely release in the form of Map Packs once again.

  • COD Elite should have been free from the start since the content that was given was crap and wasn’t worth the money

    • It was free, all elite subscription was a season pass with bonuses.
      The basic stat stuff was already there.

      Why are people so stupid?

      • 60$ a year isn’t free and the DLC was not worth that and don’t call me stupid because I wasn’t the dumb one who wasted 60$ or whatever it was

        • But you are dumb, the stats section of the Elite was/is free. It always was.

          • Stats?? Who cares if stats are free. I never bought MW3 because I wasn’t wasting my money on a broken game and your the dumb ass because just because you can check your stats on something doesn’t make it free. You still have to pay a yearly fee if you wanted the gay benefits

            • How dumb can one person be?

            • I’m sorry to offend you and you precious franchise but COD Elite was a fail for me and I am aloud to say so and it doesn’t make me dumb by saying it.

            • COD_bud

              why are you complaining if you didn’t buy?

    • Nigga stfu

      Elite was free, the DLC wasn’t you absolute A grade fucktard. Unbelievable how stupid you are.

    • Nigga stfu

      Elite was free, the DLC wasn’t you absolute A grade fucktard. Unbelievable how stupid you are.

  • Jim Parsons

    Hey bud. ” This brings us to our last question. Will Elite be available on platforms other than the Xbox 360 and PC” I Think you meant to write PS3 where you wrote PC. Great article tho.

  • MikePembo951

    so wait…. Will PC have the option of buying a season pass or do we have to pay (more expensive option) for each DLC pack separately??

    If not they’ve screwed over PC gamers for another year running 🙁

    • John J

      Seems like they’re catering towards console gamers again, not gonna lie was kind of expecting equal treatment this time round…oh well.

      • xDr Taco

        There’s always next year buddy 😛

      • Get to the back of the bus, PC players! Keep drinking from your segregated water fountains and know your place!

    • Alpine

      cuz PC f**kers pirate and hack these games like no tomorrow…thats why companies are going toward F2P games for PC

      • 3DArtist

        You must be really dumb, console kid! I`m sick of developers carring only about the money like many other PC players, we are sick of stupid console ports for past years! Yes i`m downloading games if i`m not sure of the quality of the game just to try them out, because lately developers not even releasing demo`s to try the game firtst before throuwing 50-60 euro`s into the air! If i see that game is crap and developer cares only about the money & consoles i`ll never buy this pice of junk! If i do see that developers have cared about the game, i`m buying this game without a doubt. Like i did with metro 2033, i downloaded played it, and next day purchased a copy of it even though it`s a single player only, but i do have so much respect for developers that care about the game it`s self and not the money. During past months i bought around 6 copyies of metro and gave it as a gift to my friends and i just want to thank developers for such a good game and i`m supporting them as much as i can!

        Btw 99% of PC players buy games such as Battlefield 3 for multiplayer.
        And those number that you see on the stats how much this game has been pirated are false! People download it, try it and buy it for the multiplayer.
        So shut the f*ck up about PC being pirate platform igf you don`t know the shit. We “PC players” are sick of console ports and developers that care only about the money like Activision and EA, with those companies you have to be very carefull if you make purchase. Anyone remember Crysis 2?! Crysis 3 isn`t going to be better from what i see, no pre-order for me this time! If you like to throuw away 50-60 euro on every trash game that lands on the market go on with your stupidity, but i`m not gonna let developers fool me.

        • dmier

          You are the reason why people hate PC Gamers….. pirates making excuses…

          • 3DArtist

            You are the reason why developers got too lazy and rush out crappy games. You buy every crap they through on a market. ell me plz why developers do not release any demo`s anymore? Btw i`m not amking excuses i just tell you how it works, if you`re not able to understand it fine with me, but there are people who do understand my point of view. Personally i`m against piracy, but ì`m not gonna let evelopers fool me, like what they are going to give me a refund for not working buggy game?

            • dmier

              Are you psychic? because you sure know what kind of crappy taste on games I have…. you don’t look smart by bashing developers and cod sheep’s, I don’t give single f*ck which platform is better, Pc, xbox or ps3, I play on the platform and games that I want. 10 years ago was very hard to get a demo, just do your research before buying blind.

            • 3DArtist

              Don’t run away from a quastion!> Have you ever downloaded music or movie, our mr. antipirate?
              If you don’t agree with me my best, i don’t give a sh*t, i’m just saying a pure hard reallity how it works and many PC players i know do agree with me. Console players would pirate also sh*t out of the games if there was no hardware id ban from multiplayer and even with hardware id ban there is enough players who pirate games by hacking consoles.

          • 3DArtist

            Btw don`t make your self look good, spoken about piracy like you never haven`t downloaded movie or a music? huh?

          • Ol1VI3R

            REALLY any Pc gamer was once upon a time palying on console before going to PC i call it EVOLUTION… A GAMER IS A GAMER.

            • dmier

              If you think I’m not a PC gamer you are wrong, I have been playing on PC since 1995, probably way before you, Your definition of gamer is wrong, a gamer play games regardless of the platform.

            • Ol1VI3R

              hey dmier your one of a kind happy ignorant retard for your information my comment was a reply or yours idiot

            • dmier

              Your comments do not make sense, I repeat, your comments do not make sense..

            • 3DArtist

              And how do you call current times that those PC players go back to consoles, DEGRADATION? Anyway it’s pointless to try to prove here on mp1st anything to much mindless console players, players who wanted to understand my point did it already after my first post..

            • Pete

              Lol Olivier how old are your really??

            • dmier

              probably 12…

        • JoseB88

          So true

        • Ol1VI3R

          Totally agree with you man but its not everybody that can think smart…
          most ppl are too stupid to understand what you said, for them you just bashing on console. lol in this world the true side of thing is what ppl run away from… You have to be FAKE to be happy in this world…

          • Dirtknap

            Dude, 3DArtist is bashing consoles and console players in the way he communicated his points. While I agree with points both of you have made, if you want to get folks to understand you, you need to be constructive and diplomatic. I certainly don’t appreciate being called an idiot because of the platform I am currently on, not to mention there are idiots regardless of their platform of choice. I have been gaming since the mid 80’s, played on most platforms, spent years on PC but currently play on PS3 due to cost effectiveness and lifestyle. My friends list is populated with respectful, intelligent, objective oriented people, so the generalizations made don’t help anyone. That being said, this is the internet and most conversations degrade into flame wars anyhow.

            • 3DArtist

              I`m not bashing all console players, i`m bashing people who say that PC is pirate platform, yes on pc you can pirate game, but it happends alot just because you can`t trust developers nowdays, most of them are going for the profit instead of the quality. For example i do download games first before i decied to buy it. I did download Dishonored and i`m so glad with this game that i have bought it on steam just few minutes ago, such an amaizing game, you really see that developers did care about their baby. And for that i`m supporting them and i bought this game! I hope they will release another game in the future just like Dishonored. Respect to the developers of Dishonored, i wish there where more games of that levev of quality.

            • Dirtknap

              I see we are on the same page then 😀 I totally agree with you about Dishonered, that game is such an experience, I get lost in it every time I pick it up. Hopefully it receives a ton more support and acclaim so we can see other games and developers take a positive influence from it. I’m also really keen to see what they do with the forth iteration of the Thief series!

        • nasdf

          You are a fucking retard. Gaming is a luxury, you do not need it to live so you hve no justification to pirate it, you fucking retard.

          • Ol1VI3R

            where to hell do you come from, did i miss something.. yeah if i like a game i will buy it whats the problem nobody told you it was ok to hack a game here body. i think the only retard here is probly you on high horse

          • Ol1VI3R

            in fact you dont need anything on internet you cant live without, whats the problem with you.

          • Ol1VI3R

            lol what you said is irrelevant to prove it, put it this way [ you need food to live, you still dont have the justification to steal some ]

  • Will not buy. I’m tired of being a month behind Xbox and Black Ops 1 multiplayer DLC maps sucked. The only good thing about them was the Zombies map which wasn’t worth the $15 price tag alone.

  • I perfectly happy with Elite staying as far away from the PC version as possible.

  • Jamil Jeru

    So me being a premium elite member for two years means i’m screwed $50 bucks!!! Will I be getting a refund?

    • Alkapon

      well call the assholes..dont just sit there waiting for somebody to give you your money them

    • JoseB88

      Yea you pretty much screwed . You should have waited before buying it again lol

    • I have the same problem. Microsoft has a no refunds policy. I’m going to call to see if my second year translates into a Season Pass as it should.

    • herman the german

      you will stay premium member – but only for MW3.

  • Really PS3 n PC players should bicots COD …

    • DennisB407



    Activision should really stop the bullshit. CODElite was always free but since they got so much hate about the dlc situation they trying to make it seem like they are giving players a good deal. Last year they basically gave away free dlc and they not trying to do that again.

  • Alpine Maffu

    “existing Call of Duty® Elite login information will give you access to all the Call of Duty®: Black Ops 2 elements in Call of Duty® Elite, as well as your existing career stats and data for Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3 and the original Call of Duty®: Black Ops. You will be able to access all your player and clan information using your existing login.”

    Glad that’s clear then.

  • Thank god that premium bullshit is gone. So retarded than non-premium Xbox still got before premium PS3.

    • Dang, does Microsoft/Xbox get DLC that much sooner?? That is just stupid

    • JoseB88

      Those on Xbox had 2 dlc maps before ps3 premium members had their first. That’s how Activi$ion likes to screw their fan base that doesn’t own an Xbox

    • Dirtknap

      Agreed, but Microsoft have the buying power to secure such deals, and all Activision see is cash money money. Damn that Bobby Kotick, this is the problem when you put a corporate suit in charge of a gaming production organisation.

  • Soldierofbullets

    Nothin but High Fives

  • Here’s what fucks COD: Activision

  • Marcos Vinicius

    do the DLC’s will be able to turn off and on like in MW3

  • As a player, I’m excited, but the real story is that Activision’s attempt to monetize multiplayer with a subscription model has failed. Investors were calling for Activision to monetize the hundreds of hours players put into multiplayer and I think the community has established that it cannot be done. Impossibility aside, I wonder if this will translate into investor hesitancy towards Activision’s ability to execute.

    I’m only slightly disappointed by the survival of the Microsoft exclusivity deal. It’s outdated. The install bases are both so massive that they’re missing out on a lot of money by turning off the very vocal PS3 fanbase.

    • I am not happy for the deals that Activision has made with Microsoft. I cant stand waiting a month for DLC on another console. I own a xbox and PS3 but all my friend play on ps3 and I never play on xbox so it sucks having to wait so long for DLC and for this Activision has lost my respect and money

    • sdf

      I knew the MW3 elite was just a season pass in fancy dress with subscription aspirations.

      The competitions, and videos of elite had that monthly subscription magazine feel to it.

  • newagewolf

    im cool with this did not like how they did dlc in mw3 now we all get it same time

  • Disgruntled COD Fan

    Right what I don’t understand I purchased the hardened edition and as a result of the almighty cock up with elite was granted a month extra, now it’s all being free I have not got my full 12 months worth for which I paid for initially.

    Just 1 royal fuck up and yet another luck in the teeth of the consumer.

  • Doesn’t answer the question if it will be included in the care package edition.

  • Radamantous

    Again Xbox had the exclusivity…are u kidding me..that sucks

  • Hague

    I don’t care about premium, but Activition, I’m not buying SHIT from you if the DLC is in ‘DLC Collections’ and not legit Map Packs

  • Like a Boss

    Treyarch did awesome, and Black Ops 2 looks great in all 3 modes. Only thing is Activision had to ruin my day and renew the dlc contract and not get dedicated servers for consoles. Money grubbing pigs.

    • asdsdf

      What contract?

  • Spectre017

    Ok so elite is technically free but map bundles for 49.99 are pretty much the same price as buying elite again ok what’s the big deal?

    • Spectre017

      The only thing I didn’t like about elite was the way the DLC dropped it was absolutely horrendous for PS3 users we just got the last 2 dlc maps like a week ago and they were awesome!. It’s time for COD/Activision to stop playing favorites with Microsoft and just say no to the money and really start considering their loyal fans, meaning this fucking guy right here!.