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MW3: “No Weapon Re-balancing Being Discussed Currently” – Robert Bowling News 16

News 16 Robert Bowling, Creative Strategist at Infinity Ward, talks of future updates and DLC. You may have recently seen this video pretending to be  promotional material for an up-coming “Nostalgic Map Pack” for Modern Warfare 3. Robert Bowling was asked if he could confirm this, to which he replied, “No I can not. We have not […]

DICE Reveals “Next” Battlefield 3 Patch Details News 68

News 68 The Battlefield PC patch has been out for a full day now but already, fans are craving more, and perhaps rightfully so. While the November 22nd patch looked at many issues, including hefty tweaks to balancing, it still left much to be desired. Many of the more sought-after changes were left out, like the much […]

MW3 Matchmaking is Going to be Patched “Hopefully” This Week News 2

News 2 The two biggest issues that have been hindering your Modern Warfare 3 experience are being worked on. A few days ago, we reported on the upcoming patch to address the lag problems in Modern Warfare 3. The other major annoyance with MW3 is the fact that matchmaking is not pairing players properly. Currently, when players leave […]

BF3 – DICE Settles Patch Note Confusion: UMP-45, G3A3, SCAR-H, Tac Light and IRNV News 21

News 21 Early this morning, a PC patch and server update was released for Battlefield 3. Of course, you can view the complete list of patch notes here. While it provided many improvements both in-game and server-side, many fans were still left wondering about the few, but important aspects that were left out such as the tactical […]

Battlefield 3 Official and Complete Patch Notes for November 22 News 27

News 27 Recently, DICE and EA have revealed the entire list of upcoming fixes on the Battlelog which will be available tomorrow, November 22nd.   Patch notes for Nov 22 patch Major client update for the PC version Battlefield 3 as well as a server-side update for all platforms. The update will be made on Nov. 22nd 7:00 […]

New Battlefield 3 Dog Tags Available in the Official DICE Store, Stay Tuned for Upcoming Givaways News 2

News 2 You’ve been stealing dog tags off of dead soldiers playing Battlefield 3 for almost a month now. Might be time to get yourself a real pair! The Official Dice Store is now offering four class-specific dog tags for you to proudly wear, on top of an already wide selection of Battlefield 3 t-shirts, hoodies, artwork, […]

Battlefield 3 PC Patch Incoming, Consoles to Follow Shortly News 0

News 0 Update: Battlefield 3 Official and Complete Patch Notes for November 22 Not quite a month after the highly anticipated release of Battlefield 3 and DICE has finally released details on an incoming patch. The first update rolling out next week will be exclusively for the PC version of Battlefield 3. Console patches will follow shortly after, […]

Robert Bowling: “Lots of MW3 updates planned this week” News 8

News 8 It seems a number of updates are being planned for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Robert Bowling, Creative Strategist at Infinity Ward has recently stated that there are “lots of MW3 updates planned this week. We’ll be addressing “laggy” games, stat loss prevention, & more. Pushing for pre-Holiday release!” So far, this “lag” that many players […]

Activision Takes Down YouTuber’s Videos to Make You Pay for Them in Elite? News 23

News 23 Activision forces YouTuber to take down his videos. Stuart Brown, or XboxAhoy, is a well known YouTube commentator that makes some of the most impressive weapon guides for the Call of Duty community. The combination of his soothing voice and high production in his videos makes for an great way to learn about the guns. We […]

New Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Details: DLC Pricing and Story Telling News 5

News 5 With the highly anticipated release of Max Payne 3 finally on the horizon, Rockstar Games reveals in an interview with Gamasutra what aspects they believe are important in order to build a strong multiplayer community. Rockstar’s latest multiplayer effort in Red Dead Redemption saw a great deal of post-launch support, something they believe played a […]

Battlefield 3 360 Disc Install Seems to Interfere with HD Texture Pack News 33

News 33 An interesting thread on the Battlelog reports some problems Xbox 360 users are experiencing when having both the HD texture pack and the Battlefield 3 discs installed onto the hard drive at the same time. User doctor3d has noticed that “If you install the game disc, it will screw up some of the HD textures. No matter […]

Modern Warfare 3 will get “Lots of Updates” – PS3, Stealth Bomber, and Spawns Issues will be Fixed News 7

News 7 Robert Bowling, also known as Four Zero Two, shed some light on what we can expect from the developers behind Modern Warfare 3 in terms of patches and hot fixes. Modern Warfare 3 received patch 1.03 recently, but as players have been experiencing other issues not addressed by the patch, Bowling clarifies that there are more updates to come. […]

Bowling on Modern Warfare 3 Banning Process – “We’ll Stay Vigilant” News 7

News 7 Robert Bowling talks about Modern Warfare 3’s banning process. As we reported earlier, Infinity Ward is doing everything in its power to keep cheaters and boosters from ruining the game. Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist, Robert Bowling, reassures that boosters who turn recording off to fly under the radar can still be banned by the security team. Robert explains […]

CoD Developer May Move on to Create New IP, New MW3 Hotfix Details News 6

News 6 After working on Modern Warfare 3, Sledgehammer Games ponders its future. Though we reported earlier that CoD developer, Sledgehammer Games showed interest in developing a Call of Duty of their own, it now seems like developing a completely new IP (intellectual property) might be on their agenda. In an interview with industrygamers, co-founder of Sledgehammer […]

BF3 – Back to Karkand Assignments Explained, More Patches to Come, Console Map Size Unalterable News 16

News 16 In addition to the newly released Strike at Karkand gameplay trailer, DICE also gives us a look into their new “extended persistance” system. This system is being introduced in DICE’s new expansion pack in the form of “assignments.” These assignments are basically tasks the player must complete in order to unlock 1 of the 10 […]

Strike at Karkand Gameplay Trailer News 8

News 8 EA and DICE has revealed yet another Back to Karkand gameplay trailer. This time showing off some of the new weapons and revealing seven-flag conquest on the classic map, Strike at Karkand. All this and more is included in DICE’s Battlefield 3 expansion pack due out in December. Enjoy. Make sure to follow MP1st on […]

Battlefield 3 List of Issues and Tweaks Confirmed to be Looked Into by DICE News 20

News 20 Ian Torny, Battlefield 3’s Community Manager, highlights some of the problems and tweaks DICE is currently working on. We have covered a good portion of these issues and much more in our daily BF3 reports. Keep in mind, many of the “DICE is investigating” comments mean that either the issues are already included in the patch […]

BF3 – DICE Explains Toned-Down Destruction, Fixes for Javelin, SOFLAM, and PS3 Aiming Bug On The Way News 26

News 26 In our continuing coverage of Senior Alan Kert’s dialog with Battlefield fans, he reveals DICE’s thoughts behind the implementation of destruction in Battlefield 3. Check out our previous article: Battlefield 2143 a Possibility for Battlefield 3 DLC? And More Details on Mod Tools In terms of sound and visuals, the destruction in Battlefield 3 has seem […]

Modern Warfare 3 PS3 Problems are Being Worked On News 35

News 35 Modern Warfare 3 has had a dodgy launch on all consoles; however, PS3 players have had the shortest end of the stick. A few days ago, Infinity Ward released a patch for consoles that addressed several issues. The main fix for the PS3 was the ‘Out of Memory 14′ errors. While this problem might have […]

Battlefield 2143 a Possibility for Battlefield 3 DLC? And More Details on Mod Tools News 25

News 25 Senior Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz, answers questions from fans and reveals possible future DLC. Recently, Mr. Kertz took to reddit to begin some dialog with Battlefield 3 fans. Here, he answered many questions, one pertaining particularly to DLC. One fan asked if “there may be a chance of a BF 2143…” making it in as […]

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