Call of Duty: WWII War Mode DLC Confirmed

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In our Call of Duty: WWII beta impressions piece, I pointed out how fun the annual shooter’s new “War” game mode has been. It’s just you, your team, protecting (or attacking) the objectives. No scorestreaks of any kind will help you, and K/D stuff are thrown out the window (deaths aren’t even shown). 

While we were only able to try out one map for War mode in the beta, I assume we’ll see more maps available for it come launch. Well, it seems we can include post-launch to that equation, too! 

In a video interview with Jagat Review, Sledgehammer Games’ Scott Whitney confirmed this when he was asked how Sledgehammer will “expand” War mode. 

Well, it’s great to hear that you love it; and from everything I’ve heard people in the beta broadly are really enjoying it. And so typically, if a lot of people are enjoying something, that’s a good recipe for getting more of it. So, I know we already have plans to deliver more of that in future expansions and to the extent that there’s appetite and enthusiasm for it in the fanbase, I can only imagine there’ll be more of it.

Of course, this isn’t really all that surprising given Call of Duty has a Season Pass every year and usually, it has a few things included aside from the four maps in a map pack. Will this mean that a new map (or two) for War mode will be in every expansions? One can hope.

Speaking of maps, check out this rumor that states that if you buy the Pro Edition of COD: WWII, you’ll get a remastered version of the Carentan map from COD2. Finally, don’t forget to check out our first look at the game’s zombies in these screenshots.