5 Amazing Battlefield 3 Wallpapers (Fan Made Edition)

The closest thing to playing the Battlefield 3 beta is a well made desktop wallpaper to remind you of the beta. This is the first instalment in our BF3 wallpapers’ series. Keep in mind that all of these in particular are made by the amazing fans of Battlefield.

As a bonus, if you click on the featured image above, you’ll find an official wallpaper made by DICE.

We provided full credit to the artists that created these. If you want to put this on your site, please give credit to hours of work we did here on MP1st to sift through thousands of wallpapers.

There is a naughty one (Mario and Peach in a BF3 theme) that we can’t share here, but it will be on our twitter account when @MPfirst hits 500 followers, so follow away!

Without further adue, here are five amazing Battlefield 3 wallpapers.

Click on images twice to view full size. 

1. Enemy Boat Spotted
This is absolutely our favorite.

Made by: K4orta
Artist’s Portfolio







2. Battlefield 3 Dino
How about them dinosaurs in the Battlefield?

Made by: SyntheticParadox
Artist’s Portfolio







3. Battlefield 3
Imagine you’re thrown in the midst of an epic battle with tanks, choppers, and Jets. Yes, this is Battlefield 3.

Made by: SyntheticParadox
Artist’s Portfolio







4. Battlefield Soldier
Red vs. Blue, anyone?

Made by: Cazuar
Artist’s Portfolio







5. Battlefield 3: Dammaku Warfare
Anime, of all things, meets Battlefield 3.

Made by: SSgt-LuLZ
Artist’s Portfolio

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3 thoughts on “5 Amazing Battlefield 3 Wallpapers (Fan Made Edition)

  1. Oh my, these are amazing. The title for enemy boat is so off – it’s a great drawing piece. I thought that Synthetic Paradox or whoever done the dino one originally was an official art person at dice though?

    1. We used the artists’ original titles, so yes the boat spotted is way off. The dino one was started by someone at DICE, Christina Coffin I believe, but this version is more optimized to be a wallpaper.

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