Battlefield 3: End Game – Top 10 Motor-Bike Stunts

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Battlefield 3 has always been about its ‘moments.’

From Stungravy’s “RendeZook” or “Jet Swap” to w0lfeye1’s anti-jet snipe maneuver, Battlefield 3 is host to some of the craziest moments in gaming history.

With the launch of End Game, Battlefield 3’s fifth and final multiplayer expansion, developers DICE introduced a whole new way to perform whacky, gravity-defying, logic-breaking stunts thanks to the inclusion of the fast and nimble motor-bike.

We spent the last few days scouring the internet for some of the best stunts performed with the motor-bike and finally landed on this top 10 list.

While you’ll see some crazy videos here, we’re sure there are tons more out there, and tons more to come. So please, don’t be shy and share your crazy motor-bike stunt, or any others that you might know if that we did not include, in the comments below. We might just add to the list if it’s crazy enough.

For now, check out our top 10 list of craziest, nuttiest, most absurd motor-bike stunts performed in Battlefield 3: End Game.

10. RPG to the Chopper

9. RPG to the Jet

8. Steady Sniping

7. Really Steady Sniping

6. Chopper Steal

5. Lucky C4

4. Flying Derpbike

3. Droppin’ the Dropship

2. Flying Triple Kill

1. One in a Million