Battlefield 4 – How To Be a Better Noob

Battlefield 4 is a big game with a lot to offer. It might be one of the easier Battlefield titles to pick up and play with a greater sense of accessibility, but that doesn’t mean there is any lack of tactics and mechanics that take hours upon hours to master.

From infantry gameplay to all-out vehicular warfare, from recoil management to map control, or from solo tactics to working as a cohesive team, there can be a lot to wrap your head around when it comes to learning the ropes and figuring out how to become a better player.

With the holidays only just behind us, well-known Battlefield YouTube personality XfactorGaming has kicked off the first episode of his “How To Be a Better Noob” series just in time to get holiday newcomers up to speed. His series will help you think smarter, play better, and win those matches. His first episode, which you can check out in the featured above, is all about making good choices and planning ahead.

We strongly recommend you keep up with his advice and follow along in order to get the most out of your Battlefield 4 experience. In the comments below, tell us some of your favorite tactics or strategies that you like to practice!

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