March 6, 2012: The Day Your Wallet Will Die

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Assuming you didn’t start gaming today (and if you did, remember to press ‘X’ to win!), you’re familiar with the crazy glut of games that soaks up your cash every winter. Week after week, it’s like a non-stop deluge of amazing titles, all deserving of your hard-earned moolah. Our poor money – how quickly it is sacrificed for the chance to race a kart and drop bananas, or shoot terrorists, or fight dragons, or equip an Xbox Live avatar with yet another pointless and trivial accessory.

, March 6, 2012: The Day Your Wallet Will Die, MP1st, MP1st

Know what these avatars need (besides monocles and toe socks)? Star Wars gear and Halo toys!

However, after a dedicated and thorough internet research session, halted only occasionally by my unrelenting passion for sad panda bear videos, I discovered the gaming industry’s best-kept secret: March 6th, 2012, is the new winter gaming season. Seriously, check this out:

First, we have Mass Effect 3, the third installment of one of this generation’s most heralded series, and the first to feature multiplayer. Its dynamic cooperative modes are sure to keep gamers playing for months, which will be incredibly difficult due to the fact that…

Max Payne 3 releases the same day, which is also the third installment in a classic franchise, and the first to feature multiplayer. While the game looks like a Stranglehold successor, Rockstar’s legendary touch should bring amazing and unique elements to the traditional 3rd person shooter. It would be easy to get sucked back into the seedy world of Maxwell T. Payne, if only…

, March 6, 2012: The Day Your Wallet Will Die, MP1st, MP1st

"Maximillion Theodore Paynedrop…at your service."

Check out some recent Max Payne 3 multiplayer info.

Street Fighter X Tekken didn’t come out the same day. Featuring a buffed-up Street Fighter IV engine and mechanics, with a host of new features and staple Tekken fighters, Street Fighter X Tekken looks to meld the series and craft a brilliant new fighting mold with its unique gem feature. Street Fighter games tend to be played religiously for years; a task easier said than done considering the fact that…

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier storms the online battlefield on that day as well. With a refined and robust set of online multiplayer options, Future Soldier looks to be the best installment yet. Featuring an intense and deep gear customizing and leveling system, it will unfortunately be difficult to witness all the action on display when you also have to make time to play…

Ghost Recon Future Soldier: The Next Online Sensation?

MLB 12: The Show, the latest chapter in the critically-acclaimed baseball series. Ground rule doubles and in-depth roster options will also be available this day with…

, March 6, 2012: The Day Your Wallet Will Die, MP1st, MP1st

Facial hair action!

Major League Baseball: 2K12. Damn, son, that’s a lot of foul balls, spittin’ tobacco, and mustaches. You’ll have to curl those baseball ‘staches quick though, because March 6th also hosts the release of…

The X-Com reboot. Intergalactic mysteries and first-person thrills abound in the latest doesn’t-stick-to-the-original-remake, and you’ll be hard-pressed to witness the finale of the clash between man and alien when you’ve got…

The Game of Thrones game coming out the same day. An epic RPG from RPG masters Atlus, this game looks to bridge any and all gaps between the novels and the popular television show. Offering 30+ hours of original Game of Thrones content, the game might have to wait for completion as you also work your way through…

Ridge Racer Unbounded, the latest in the occasionally popular racing games with terrible names (Unbounded? Seriously?). Design your own tracks on which to race your friends, and try to best your buddies’ times before you dive headlong into…

Horses 3D, perhaps the culmination of decades of video game research and design.

, March 6, 2012: The Day Your Wallet Will Die, MP1st, MP1st

What's Mass Effect? These horses are in 3 damn D's!

Seriously, all of these games are slated for March 6, 2012. Even if a few are pushed back or forwards, that’s a stupid amount of fun for one month. I’m thrilled that publishers are looking to expand beyond the traditional October-December window of constant game releasing, but please…think of the wallets.

, March 6, 2012: The Day Your Wallet Will Die, MP1st, MP1st

"Curse you, fun video games, and your unquenchable lust for my money!"

Let us know in the comments which games are on your March 6, 2012 radar.