Modern Warfare 3 – World’s First Knife Only M.O.A.B.

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Getting a M.O.A.B. in Modern Warfare 3 is not an easy task with one’s gun. Let alone achieving a 24 point streak with your knives only (regular knife and the throwing one). YouTuber, NinjaKnifes, has achieved this feat. He claims that this is the only legit knife M.O.A.B to date. The gameplay starts to get a bit “campy” towards the end, but this doesn’t discount the player’s achievement. During the commentated video below, NinjaKnifes, refers to the unedited version, which you can click here to watch. Now, I’m anxiety awaiting knifing YouTube legend “ONLYUSEmeBLADE” to also get a M.O.A.B.