MP1st Reader Blog: Medal of Honor – Successful or Total Disaster

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So as we all know, EA Games has closed down the doors of Danger Close and Medal of Honor and all support for the game has ceased. This doesn’t come to a surprise as Medal of Honor Warfighter only sold 40,000 Units. In this piece I will examine Medal of Honor 2010 and Medal of Honor Warfighter and what I think could of made them better and what could Danger Close of done to make its loyal fans proud of the game they made.


Medal of Honor 2010 was first announced in 2008 as Medal of Honor: Operation Anaconda, but was later changed for unknown reasons. Danger Close formerly known as EA Los Angeles merged in 2008 to take on the task of developing a fresh new first person shooter experience using the Medal of Honor franchise that had been forgotten by its previous developers Dreamworks Interactive. DICE the developers behind the Battlefield series would develop the multiplayer, while Danger Close was hard at work on the single player.

While Danger Close was hard at work doing the single player, real life Tier 1 Operators were hard at work developing the Story as well, what kind of story about Tier 1 Armed Forces Units would be good without actual Tier 1 Operators writing it? Well, when it came for release of the game, people everywhere had high expectations of the popular franchise; many gamers had held the Medal of Honor franchise in their hearts for years. When gamers got their hands on Medal of Honor 2010’s Multiplayer they would find themselves disappointed. In my opinion there was many key important game play factors missing from the Medal of Honor 2010 Multiplayer, it seemed that DICE had just thrown some guns and maps and a new system called the score chain. Many people realized that Medal of Honor 2010 would not be the game to crush the reigning Champion Call of Duty.


So in early 2012 Medal of Honor Warfighter was announced, and this time Danger Close would develop both the Single player and Multiplayer and the story would be written again by real tier 1 operators. This was Danger Close’s change to impress gamers with a more solid and clean Multiplayer, which of course they thought would be done by introducing the Fire Team Buddy System which would allow you and a buddy to wreck the combat zone together and be rewarded for it. Once Medal of Honor Warfighter was released it would be the best time for redemption for Danger Close, however unfortunately it was not enough to persuade EA Games to continue support for the franchise and thus EA cut off all support for the game, leaving it un-updated, no dlc and no hope for the future of the franchise.

I would like to extend a thank you to all of Tier 1 Operators who took there time away from family and loved ones to write the story for the game and commit there time to make sure we all had a very good outlook on how you all lived your life on and off the battlefield, thank you sincerely for your self sacrifice and un-selfish sacrifices for the safety and freedom of our country.

Author: Saint123q

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