Multiplayer Experience of 2014 – Readers’ Choice, Vote Now

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With a fresh start and a brand new year of gaming filled with exciting new launches ahead of us, it’s time to pause for a breather, take a step back, and reflect on the year of multiplayer gaming that was 2014.

This week, you’ll hear from MP1st staff on our favorite multiplayer experiences of 2014 as we bicker amongst ourselves to decide the ultimate winners. But before we reveal our own thoughts, we want to know what your 2014 highlights were. What multiplayer game stood out to you as the definitive multiplayer experience of last year?

Below is a list of nominees that launched in 2014 across varying platforms, each one with either a heavily-featured competitive or cooperative multiplayer component, or a focus that was purely multiplayer. If you don’t find what you thought was the best multiplayer game of 2014, feel free to add your own selection below.

So, let’s get to voting, and be sure to visit us next Monday when we reveal the final standings for our “Multiplayer Experience of 2014 – Readers’ Choice Award”.

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