Norms For Next Gen: Customizable Controls

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Everyone has a different play style, and sometimes, jumping from one game to another can leave you in a confused state as to which buttons perform what functions.

Take the PlayStation’s Dual Shock controller, for example. Sometimes, you’ll be firing a weapon with a simple tap of the top right trigger, while in other games, either the lower right, or even sometimes on the left side trigger fires your weapon. Why can’t developers just make it easier for everyone and supply us with the ability to map our own controls?

There have been countless games where the default controls just aren’t what the standards are up to, or the placement of one action is just with an odd button. The last game I played with custom controls on console was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. I praise Valve for giving us the ability to map each buttons to our liking, because I personally could not get the hang of them since I usually play with the default FPS controls used in games like Battlefield and Call of Duty.

I know developers like having gamers play their games the way it was intended to be played, but not everyone enjoys the flip-switch with the same genre (FPS, TPS, ect.) where a game should function with a certain type of button layout, but doesn’t. At times, that can just ruin the game. I’ve played games that could have been fun and enjoyable, but just didn’t bother finishing due to broken or awkward controls. Even some games on the PlayStation 3 that support mouse and keyboard can be atrocious due to a poor layout design.

It’s time for developers to start giving us more tools on consoles when it comes to what type of controller we are using and how they are set-up.

One thing developers should take into consideration is the disabled gamer community. Everyone should get the chance to experience any game, and we are only human, meaning we have our limits, despite what some would say. In more ways than you think, allowing people to have control over what their controller can do would allow many disabled gamers to play how they want to play. I know this won’t help everyone who has a disability, but it certainly will help some.

Thanks for pointing this out DanDustEmOff.

In next week’s segment, we’ll discuss dedicated servers.