PlayStation or Xbox One: Which Console to Buy?

There can be no doubt at this point that Sony is coming off as the good guy of E3.  Despite announcing that a paid PSN subscription will be required for online play/features, the PlayStation 4 is shaping up to be a great device if you’re a console gamer.  Given my discontent with the Xbox One, I think a lot of people will be expecting me to endorse the PS4 as the console you should be buying this holiday season.  Well, no duh.

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The fact that you won’t be able to just hand your friend a copy of the next Call of Duty when you get bored of it so they can play it on their Xbox One is so counter to the idea of buying physical games that it’s shocking Microsoft would even consider it.  Add to that single players games having a reliance on an online server system that is eventually going to go offline when it stops being profitable, and you’ve got easily the least free and future proof console ever released.  Yes, chances are it’s going to be standard practice for the next generation of consoles, if there even is one.  But that next generation probably will be 100% digital with no physical content.  To clarify why this is a big deal, see my previous article.

The bottom line is Sony saw what Microsoft got right with the Xbox 360 and wrong with the Xbox One , then copied all the good with none of the bad and built the PS4.  While I’ll admit that the Xbox One’s potential non-gaming media integration is landmark and frankly brilliant, it’s nothing I’m interested in, especially considering I don’t even watch TV.  So unless you’re just buying out of brand loyalty, there’s no reason to NOT buy a PS4 over the Xbox One.

Of course, time will tell if games exclusivity makes either console more attractive, but for now, go PS4 or go PC.

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